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  • Unsurprisingly, a 2020 iPad Pro will bend if you try to break it

    I’m not sure if this site was always AppleApologist and I just didn’t notice so much to start with, or what.  I don’t even need to see the video (and I haven’t) to know that iPad Pros are weaker than they used to be, and weaker than they should be, to function as the go-anywhere, Chuck-in-a-backpack tablet they were originally intended as.  It’s not just a question of materials either, the current design is just fundamentally less strong and far more prone to flex.  

    Apple should be called out on that.  They should be called out on a bad design which functions less well than it’s predecessors and will be an expensive disappointment for some of its customers.  And when they launch another new iPad generation with the same design flaw and the same weakness, they deserve to be called out on it again, and for more YouTubers to make these same videos pointing it out.  

    Apple should do better.  So should AppleInsider.

  • Steve Wozniak 'can't tell the difference' between iPhone 12 and iPhone 13

    The thing is, all Apple are doing is continually improving their product.  That doesn’t and shouldn’t mean completely reinventing it every year, and it absolutely doesn’t mean that anyone must or should upgrade every year.  If the improvements in one year don’t interest you then great, keep your money, there’s nothing else to say about that.

    The fact that the 13 doesn’t completely invalidate and obsolete the 12 shouldn’t be a criticism of Apple; the problem is that anyone might expect it to.
  • Microsoft brings formerly Windows-centric Defender antivirus to macOS

    If there was any form of anti virus I was less likely to install on my Mac than any of the current crop, it’s Microsoft anti virus. 
  • All the new FaceTime features in iOS 15

    All of these new features could be summed up with “FaceTime can now work like Teams”.
  • John McAfee dies in Spanish prison following extradition order to US

    FWIW, he came out with a social media post late last year (edit: maybe in 2019 actually) showing a tattoo spelled “whackd”, I think, and warning ppl that he would never commit suicide, so if he mysteriously died of suicide, it wasn’t him. Pretty strange stuff. To his credit, he seemed to have called it. Makes me more curious about whatever he was getting into. I didn’t follow him so I’m not really sure. 
    Did he “call it” or was he cornered, suffering paranoid delusions and reacting publicly to his own private thoughts of suicide?  Governments don’t kill people for tax evasion.  
  • User-modified iPhone X with USB-C port sells for $86K

    macbootx said:
    Has Apple given this young engineer a job offer yet? 
    Call me crazy but I think Apple’s own engineers may already know how to add USB-C to the iPhone.
  • Apple Watch battery blowout sends man to emergency room

    Fred257 said:
    All of Samsungs Galaxy phone batteries expand after or around two years. This is a rare occurrence with Apple but not surprising and nowhere near SamsungGalaxy phones. If you don’t believe me just type into YouTube Samsung Galaxy battery expansion 
    To be fair there’s a big difference between battery expansion and battery explosion, and the former doesn’t necessarily lead to the latter.     Samsung does indeed seem to have a problem with expanding batteries but (aside from that one notorious Note model) that hasn’t been linked to any particular issue with fires or explosions yet.

    The problem all electronics companies including Apple have, is that Li-ion batteries are only safe if if they’re manufactured and installed 100% correctly, and nothing involving people is ever 100% accurate 100% of the time.  People make mistakes, and when you’re producing devices like these in the millions, one or two of those mistakes are going to literally blow up in someone’s face occasionally.  It’s a risk we all take until some better battery technology comes along.
  • It's time for Apple to retire the Apple Watch Series 3

    This article is really far too kind, it was high time for the Series 3 to be retired at least a couple of years ago.  Certainly when it became impossible to perform a software update without going through all the pain of unpairing etc, the user experience fell off a cliff - it should have been taken off the shelf well before that.

    I get the theory that it exists to make the SE look good, but the thing is the SE *is* good and excellent value, I have the near identical series 4 and can’t really see the need for anything more.  Keeping the S3 around just clutters the lineup and will be misleading a few into making a small “saving” in return for a much poorer experience that will probably put them off the Apple Watch altogether.

    I’ve no doubt the iPhone SE and other models sell well even without Apple still offering the iPhone 6, so not sure why the strategy is so different here.
  • YouTuber wrecks car to test iPhone 14 crash detection

    Essentially useless features as in modern cars (at least in the EU) it's been a legal requirement, that they call emergency services after the crash is detected. Together with the essentially useless satellite emergency call (at least outside US), this years iPhone introduction was quite useless.

    I’m in the UK, which was still part of the EU in 2018, and I’ve never even heard of this.  It’s certainly not in anybody’s car that I know, perhaps I move in the wrong circles but I’d still rather my friends and family driving older cars might have a chance of being saved by this than not.
  • MagSafe's future, and the new Qi2 wireless charging spec

    Really the “why” is pretty obvious - the EU ruling about a common charging standard.  It means Apple have to adopt USB-C *unless* there’s another common charging standard they can apply.  Enter QI2, a common charging standard that’s effectively already built into all their iPhones.