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  • Tom Hanks film 'Finch' sets Apple TV+ film premiere record

    I sort of enjoyed this film for the most part but the more I reflect on it, the more I really hate it tbh. 

    **Spoilers ahead!**

    1.  I imagined to begin with that the film was set after some climate emergency had finally finished off most of humanity - certainly that’s the way it looked, it’s perfectly plausible and would have given the film some emotional weight as a warning from the future… but no, later on we discover that it was actually just some random solar storm.  Completely beyond our control, not man made at all, nothing to see here!  A cynic might wonder whether apple had a say in steering the film away from any sensitive topics here.

    2. We’re meant to sympathise with Hanks’ character who, as the last human who knows he’s dying, is desperately trying to make sure his dog (the last dog?) is cared for when he’s gone.  But his solution is to create a new sentient being, a robot with AI so complete that he even dreams, to look after this dog for the remaining few years of its life and then… what?  This newly sentient creature who - as the story demonstrates is essentially as human as you or
    I, and who thrives on companionship - is then destined to walk the barren earth forever alone. The filmmakers even kill off Hanks’ other robot dog earlier on just to make sure.  It actually just leaves me thinking how cruel the main character must be to do that.
  • Steve Wozniak 'can't tell the difference' between iPhone 12 and iPhone 13

    The thing is, all Apple are doing is continually improving their product.  That doesn’t and shouldn’t mean completely reinventing it every year, and it absolutely doesn’t mean that anyone must or should upgrade every year.  If the improvements in one year don’t interest you then great, keep your money, there’s nothing else to say about that.

    The fact that the 13 doesn’t completely invalidate and obsolete the 12 shouldn’t be a criticism of Apple; the problem is that anyone might expect it to.
  • All the new FaceTime features in iOS 15

    All of these new features could be summed up with “FaceTime can now work like Teams”.
  • Unsurprisingly, a 2020 iPad Pro will bend if you try to break it

    I’m not sure if this site was always AppleApologist and I just didn’t notice so much to start with, or what.  I don’t even need to see the video (and I haven’t) to know that iPad Pros are weaker than they used to be, and weaker than they should be, to function as the go-anywhere, Chuck-in-a-backpack tablet they were originally intended as.  It’s not just a question of materials either, the current design is just fundamentally less strong and far more prone to flex.  

    Apple should be called out on that.  They should be called out on a bad design which functions less well than it’s predecessors and will be an expensive disappointment for some of its customers.  And when they launch another new iPad generation with the same design flaw and the same weakness, they deserve to be called out on it again, and for more YouTubers to make these same videos pointing it out.  

    Apple should do better.  So should AppleInsider.

  • Developers talk about being 'Sherlocked' as Apple uses them 'for market research'

    asdasd said:
    Sherlock wasn't even Sherlocked.

    I was thinking the same - all of these third party apps, including “Watson”, are just doing really obvious things that should and would have been in Apple’s roadmap anyway.  They got in first and made some money, good for them, but the idea that should give them perpetual rights to the concept of putting a calculator on an IOS device, or building internet search into a desktop OS, is ludicrous.  Apple have every right to do those things, and yes it’s only natural that they’re able to do them better too.