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  • After citing $53M in personal debt, Kanye West begs fans to subscribe to Tidal

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  • Another F for Alphabet: U.S. Marines reject Google's other android as too loud to use

    Way to miss the point of DARPA as well as Alphabet's involvement in BD's military business. What really happened is that Google leveraged tens of millions of dollars of DARPA investment to fund their own private robotics technology.

    DARPA failures are part of the plan, and part of their success. I'm not sure how one would miss that point. I have engineers on three teams transitioning projects out of DARPA into production, and all three are barely recognizable after the necessary changes needed to support the warfighters in actual use. My teams also put several DARPA projects on the shelf today, as they were not suitable for transition, but my company gets to retain all of the tech we developed, and we are actively selling it now.
  • Hillary Clinton's tech platform backs Apple positions on encryption, privacy, innovation, patents,

    TurboPGT said:
    The question isn’t whether you adore Clinton (which I do not… but that’s irrelevant). It’s whether you want an administration whose tech platform backs Apple’s positions on encryption, privacy, innovation. That was the question, and that, I do.
    Its good for you to understand that the government is the government...no administration, of any flavor, is going to back Apple over the FBI. Ever. Just remember that.
    There really is no issue with Apple's encryption. The FBI's difficulty getting into a locked iPhone was a false flag. An administration can support Apple in the commercial sense without any conflict of interest with three-letter-agencies, because the interested three-letter-agencies can crack whatever they want.

    An administration forcing a company to implement a back door would also be a false flag, or really just straight-up propaganda.

  • Apple confirms use of Google cloud services to store iCloud user data

    In before "Apple confirms Siri consults Google Assistant for delayed answers"

    (I missed you all -- this was enough to bring me back in -- flame away)
  • Apple led effort to remove rifle emoji from Unicode 9.0, report says

    daven said:
    So what is your excuse for Tim McVay, the Sandy Hook shooter, the church shooter, the Columbine shooters, etc.? In the end I think objective people will conclude that the Orlando shooter was more motivated about being a conflicted gay than about a religious ideology. Reports are that he frequented gay bars, used gay dating apps, etc. Hardly activities that fit into being a devout Muslim.

    Why are liberals so eager to defend Islam? Or deflect from Islam when they can't?  McVeigh was agnostic and not motiviated by religion at all, yet he's always mentioned when trying to deflect from islam. In about a dozen Muslim countries (about 100 million people) the modern legal penalty for homosexuality is death. These are not their "radical" views, but part of their mainstream culture. And that culture is now being aggressively imported into the USA.

    If Omar was really gay, don't you think one of his partners woudl have surfaced by now? None have, because none exist. He was just casing the people and establishment he was planning to kill. He was just studying the lifestyle that he (as tought by his religion) would like to exterminate.  Lots of relevant info here:


    By all means, let's blame 100% of Muslims for the laws representing 6% of their population.

    Are you always this bad with numbers? 
  • Apple opens Maps development center in Hyderabad, India

    cali said:
    In reply above, it's sad really.

    Apple built the foundation for everything android is based on. They worked hard and for years only for scumbags to steal the tech and make it cheaper and now Apple has to catch up to GoogMaps.

    Had Apple known that patents were near worthless and Goggle were gonna backstab them, they would have started mapping at least by 2005.
    This is a pretty tired argument. After the Palm Pilot in 1996, I can't believe it took ten years to evolve the touch and display tech and throw a phone in there. I thought Qualcomm was going to nail it, but Apple got there first. It's an obvious evolution of the Palm innovation. I had CS professors drawing out likely road maps to smartphones in 1996.

    You can't blame Google for lack of innovation/execution on Apple Maps. I'm sure that Apple has learned that all good technology becomes a low-margin commodity. I don't understand why so many investors haven't learned it.