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  • EU hammers Google with record $2.7 billion antitrust fine for illegal search manipulation

    wizard69 said:
    This is a prime example of the EU's obsession with successful American companies.    Frankly i think the goverment here in the USA needs to take a more active roll in adressing this harassment.     In the end that is exactly what it is.   

    By the way iagree with Google, links to other search sites just waste my time.  The last thing we need is crappy service from Google because the EU can't compete.  
    There is no obsession of the EU for American companies.  Less than one fifth of the fines for anticompetitive behaviour are given to American companies, more than 60% to European companies. Only the latter are not published in American press and so you are not aware of it. 

    If would read the article then you understand that the fine is about the Google search service as such, which is recognized as the best service available. 
    But it is forbidden by European competition law to use the monopoly in one domain in order to get an advantage in another domain. As Google has a monopoly in search  (>90% market search in the EU), Google is not allowed to give its other products (Google shopping in this case) a higher ranking in the search results.

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  • Facebook embroiled in yet another privacy scandal, this time involving your phone number

    I need to use Facebook for professional reasons, however I have a very strict way of using it.  I don't use any Facebook app, I access Facebook only via the browser on my laptops.  To visit Facebook I am using the Facebook container plugin of Firefox (a really great invention), which isolates all Facebook related traffic from the rest of my browsing traffic, making tracking impossible.
  • Apple to produce 8M iPhone X units in Q2, trying to 'burn off' existing supply, report say...

    A friend of mine is sales manager in a smartphone store.  In March the iPhone 8/8plus was the 2nd best selling model of the shop, the iPhone 7/7plus was at spot 12, the iPhone X was only at spot 17, and the SE at spot 19. 

    One should not draw too big conclusions of these figures, this is only 1 shop in 1 country, but still this is an indication that the iPhone X could do better.  The iPhone X is not a game changer like the iPhone 6 was, the latter occupied for 8 months the top spot in his shop.
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  • Apple's Phil Schiller confirms Steam Link iOS app failed to meet App Store guidelines

    mjtomlin said:
    dipdog3 said:
    Many VNC apps stream live video and send back commands. You could buy the Golden Gate Bridge using a VNC App without giving Apple a cut. How is this any different?


    If I were Apple I would start revoking developer accounts for developers who promise things they clearly know is against the rules. Sorry, but ANY developer who’s serious about developing for iOS WOULD HAVE READ the contract and UNDERSTOOD what is or isn’t possible. And getting your fan base worked up in a tizzy should be an immediate cancellation of your developer account.

    The guidelines have been in place since day one, in fact they’ve become more relaxed since then. There’s no reason ANY developer should attempt to step beyond those rules and hope for the best. Unless they think they can rally their fan base and try to force it. As I said, in that case, cancel their developer account. 
    Owing an app development company, I can only say that some rules are  interpreted differently by different approvers, so an app developer can never be 100% sure of what is allowed or not.  One of my approved apps, which was already 4 months in the App store, was rejected after a simple bug fix.
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  • The Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro is well implemented, but serves no useful purpose

    To be honest, I missed the physical esc button. This is real handy rather than digital button
    For me it is the most important reason I stopped to buy the 15" MBP for my company.  Too many programs make use of an escape key.  On a normal keyboard you can blindly type the esc key, on a TouchBar model you cannot do that, which means a decrease of productivity
  • Apple's video service needs to hit Android & desktop to impact revenue, says Macquarie

    Yes, the Android folk who notoriously spend big money on anything
    I am an app developer making all my apps available and iOS and Android.  My current revenue split is 60% Android, 40% iOS.  It can be related to the fact that I am not developing any games or that my apps are mainly targeted at the European market where Android has a high market share, but still, your statement is just wrong.
  • Improving on Apple: alternatives to iCloud's 5GB of free space

    As an I professional developing apps for both Android and iOS, I need a cloud service that is accessible from all my devices, my Android devices included.  As long I cannot browse to  from an Android device, I don't perceive iCloud as a professional service.   

    iCloud remains since its inception a lame and expensive service and that is a shame, because I like the Apple hardware

  • Complete 2018 MacBook Pro teardown shows off six-cell battery, bigger speakers

    AF_Hitt said:

    chasm said:
    wood1208 said:
    Everyone talks this and that about new 2018 MBP but if there is not enough complains, push back for Apple not offering Function Keys MBP than Apple will assume no one cares and Apple will kill it. One that happens than it's too late to make your voice heard. .
    Well, first of all: Apple does offer a model with physical function keys. More than one, actually, at present.

    Secondly, all the touchbar models can switch to function keys at one touch.

    Your post seems whiny and misinformed.
    Agree 100%. I would also like to see just how many people complaining about the lack of Fn keys actually used the Fn keys as anything other than brightness/volume/music control buttons.
    It depends on the user profile.  I own a software company. My graphical designers like the touchbar because it is offering an added value for the graphical tools they use.   My back end developers don't like the touchbar. The programs they use (IDE's, command line, ...) make heavily use of function keys and of the escape key.  Using the escape and function keys on a touchbar model is a bit a PITA due to the lack of haptic feedback.

    It is a pity that Apple has only 32GB RAM on the touchbar models, while it are my back end developers which need the 32GB RAM option to run their docker containers.   So the back end developers are using a Dell XPS 15 with 32GB RAM, running Ubuntu.  If Apple would offer a high end function key MPB, this might change.
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  • Apple pitched a standardized version of iMessage to wireless carriers, but they didn't bit...

    steven n. said:
    I have a question for any Android fans on messaging. I have a friend using Android. When he sends an MMS (not SMS) using the default Samsung messaging app it will come into my iPhone in a variety of ways:

    1) Into iMessage (as an MMS) with <phonenumber> where the random is different every time but is generally some weird carrier name not even available in the area.
    2) Into email using my iCloud (@me) account from a <random>.<random>.com address. The "from" is just a 10 digit string of numbers and is different every time.
    3) Into email using my iCloud (@me) account from a <phonenumber>.<random>.com address. The "from" is just a 10 digit string of numbers and is different every time.
    4) Just like a normal MMS text message.

    Does anyone know why his phone is doing this? It drives me nuts.

    SMS always works just fine.
    Your assumption is wrong that his phone is causing this behaviour.  MMS is an optional standard in mobile communication. It is the telecom operator equipment that decides how a message will be delivered.  Depending on the location of your friend this might be different equipment with different behaviour.   This is by the way one of the reason why MMS is not really a big success.    

    There is a new world wide telecom standard that most probably will replace SMS/MMS.   RCS (Rich Communication Service) is already endorsed by more than 60 telecom operators. It is supported in Android, and it is also available on some features phones (still very important in Africa).  Whether Apple will enhance iMessage with RCS is still an open question.  RCS should solve the issues you mentioned.
  • Some macOS Server services being stripped out in spring, including Calendar, Websites, Mai...

    Basically macOs server is being killed.  I moved my server infrastructure to the cloud on Linux servers 5 years ago.  And I am not the only one