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  • Editorial: The big loser in the Apple - Qualcomm settlement isn't Intel, it's Android

    Apple will only have an 5G enabled iPhone in September 2020. Samsung and Huawei will have 5G enabled phone in the 2019 Christmas period.   So they will both ahve a selling argument for that period.

    The 5G networks will be up in running in major cities  by the end of 2019

    A iPhone user, who only buys a smartphone every 2 to 3 years and who needs a replacement end 2019 has 2 options: either he buys a 5G enabled Android or he buys a iPhone without 5G and wait for 5G for the next replacement cycle in 2022. 

    I can imagine that at least some users who live in areas where 5G will be  available end 2019, will go for the first option.

    So no Android will not be losing.
  • Apple agrees to open iPhone NFC for UK's Brexit app by end of 2019

    AppleInsider said:
    At the time, UK officials informed citizens to borrow a friend's Android device to complete the registration process, as smartphones running Google's mobile operating system do not have the same NFC restrictions.

    While Apple is working on a solution, it will likely be unavailable by Brexit's due date on April 12.
    The original Brexit date was March 29.
    A friend of mine, a Belgian expat in London, did not want to take the risk and  bought a month ago for the first time in his life an Android phone.  And he told me he wasn't the only one.
    So the position of Apple about the use of NFC on the iPhone is hurting Apple
  • Samsung, Huawei getting close to iPhone, spending on camera hardware to get there

    avon b7 said:
    The competition is more than fierce right now.
    Largely a myth pushed by the tech press. Companies like Huawei are overly dependent on off-the-shelf technology. They're pretty far behind the curve when it comes to developing exclusive in-house tech. People like to talk about how Huawei has their own SoC designs now, but they're barely competitive with twice the cores. And nobody expects them to develop a mass market OS. 
    BS. Huawei develops much more high quality hardware then you are aware of.  It is true that like all Chinese companies Huawei is worse in SW development than western companies.  The camera system of the P30 is built in house and is far superior than the camera of Apple
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  • Samsung expects 60 percent dip in operating profit for Q1, worst performance in 4 years

    sflocal said:
    When Samsung thinks selling more at a loss is better... this happens.
    Making less profit is not equal to making a loss
  • Verizon flips switch on 5G network in Chicago and Minneapolis

    jimh2 said:
    I’m still unclear what the great benefit of 5G is going to be other than faster. The vast majority of people use their phones for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and texting and the current infrastructure can more than accommodate those uses. Up until 4G data demand exceeded capacity so speed improvements were needed and beneficial. Thinking about it there is not a single thing that requires the bandwidth I have it home. 
    The real advantages of 5G is indeed greater capacity and not the promised top speed. 

    A mobile base station is a shared resource with a limited capacity,  The mobile base stations have reached saturation in the crowded big city centers, leading to lower speeds for every user connected via to that base station.

    In a first phase (2019 -  2020) 5G will use the same frequency spectrum as 3G/4G. This will lead to an increased capacity.of the base stations.  This means that as an end user you will actually gets download speeds above 10 Mbit/s, which are theoretically possible with 4G, but in practice not.   The promised 5G  high speeds (> 1Gbit/s) will only come when the extra millimeter waves base stations will be available, which will only be in a later phase