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  • IKEA expanding HomeKit lineup with new smart plugs in October

    I visited IKEA, after a giving them a miss for about 7 years, and walked away with a bedroom wardrobe.  I forgot just what low quality crap they flog.  I nearly carted the POS out to the back lawn and annihilated it with a chain saw.  Apple and their products don't even come into the equation ... it will be 700 years before I give IKEA my custom again.

  • Apple shares several early iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max reviews ahead of launch

    nunzy said:
    Canon and Nikon might as well close ttheir doors after this. Who needs them? The pros will just use iPhone if they want the best available cameras.

    nunzy said:
    Canon and Nikon might as well close ttheir doors after this. Who needs them? The pros will just use iPhone if they want the best available cameras.
    I don’t know whether you are being sarcastic or don’t realize that DSLR cameras can take higher quality photos.
    Responding to this person's 'comments', no matter how tempting, will perpetuate the spam.
  • Steve Jobs changed the face of Apple and retail forever on May 15, 2001

    jorgie said:
    Headlines like this are why people call Apple a cult...

    1. Steve was at the helm, but thousands of hard-working creative people at Apple were responsible for the creation and roll out of the Apple Stores. Steve announced it, he even *helped* shape it, but to pretend he did it in a vacuum is an insult to all the people that worked their asses off to make it happen.
    2. Not only did Apple not change the *face of retail*, they didn't even come up with a new idea. It is called a "boutique" and it was the norm across many different retail markets from perfume to high-end cars. Apple was the not even the first to apply it to computers. They did it really well, but it was not a new idea.

    You know, you can praise the things you like that Apple has done without using hyperbole every time. 

    Edit.. I stand corrected, Apple was not the first to apply it to computers. Macxpress brought up "Gateway Country Stores". Apple certainly did it better, and Gateway's lower margins just could not support an upscale shopping experience.
    My headline reads

    Steve Jobs changed the face of Apple's retail operations on May 15, 2001

    Your computer is just being mischievous.

    Have a tissue :'( ...
  • Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen dies at 65

    hentaiboy said:
    matrix077 said:
    He didn’t have kids. Strange. 
    He never married. I'm sure you can figure it out.
    Some people marry and don't have kids.
    Some people have kids and don't marry.
    I never married, and don't have kids (that I know of).
    What's your point?
    Exactly (I have 3 children btw).
  • Apple poaches Nokia veteran to head India operations

    sflocal said:
    I would never employ any management-level person from Nokia.
    Apple must have overlooked consulting with you on this occasion.
  • The Apple versus Microsoft hardware double-standard rears up again with the latest Surface...

    dewme said:
    Bringing up the Apple vs Microsoft thing as if it still matters is lost on me. I’ve never bought a Mac because I was trying to stick it to Microsoft. Or vice versa.  I buy Macs because I like the OS X user experience and upkeep model much more than I like Windows 10. Mac OS is cleaner and has far less claptrap than Windows 10. But Windows 10 is inoffensive and I use it for some specific apps. No big deal. I also use Linux. No big deal. For me it’s never been a zero sum game or holy war. Windows paid the bills for me and provided me with sufficient discretionary income to fuel my Apple passion. It’s all good. 
    Well said.  Sometimes on AI, it's like a sporting event with the rabid supporters from each side going hammer and tongs.  Sometimes it's funny and at other times pathetic.  I'm drawn to macOS because of the underlying Unix based core (Unix 03 certified) and earn a living dealing with operating systems.  I only get my hands dirty with Terminal every so often these days but it is good to know I can if I want to.  I like the original Unix paradigm with lots of very small tools.  Each tool does one thing and does it very well.  The output from one tool can be the input to the next tool.  Power with simplicity.  Microsoft has always had a closed door paradigm on its operating systems, and since I'm no Mark Russinovich, this approach has much less allure for me as an IT person. 
  • Ikea could introduce blinds with Apple HomeKit support to smart home range

    Wonder if it comes in some miniature flat pack full of compressed cardboard parts / plastic rivets that you assemble yourself using superman comic instructions.
  • Apple boycott by Chinese firms supporting Huawei is escalating

    hexclock said:
    Just got a look at Huawei’s AirPod ripoffs. F them and F China. They can keep that lady locked up forever as far as I am concerned. 
    Keep her locked up because Huawei ripped off AirPods ??? A career in the diplomatic service perhaps ? :#
  • Apple boycott by Chinese firms supporting Huawei is escalating

    Flytrap said:
    Kick China out of the WTO now.
    The WTO would cease to exist as a functioning mulitaleral organisation if it started ejecting members for political reasons that have nothing with global trade.

    Chinese companies encouraging employees to Buy Huawei products instead of a rival’s products is no different from American companies encouraging their employees to boycott Apple products and buy rival Android products - as Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, is reported to have done, recently.
    Good points @Flytrap
  • NYT reporter uses megaphone to decry 'slow death' of 5-year-old iPad mini running iOS 9, a...

    Has Apple officially discontinued the iPad mini ?  I bought one and it is great on the train commute to work and holding up in bed watching movies doesn't tire the arms.  If an iPad mini Pro (works with Apple pencil) came out then I would probably update.