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  • Australian teen hacker escapes jail term for accessing Apple's corporate network

    mcdave said:
    Hey everyone, crime’s OK in Australia!
    Yeah .. we have a mass shooting event at least once a fortnight.
  • iPhone takes arrow intended for owner in Australian attack

    BxBorn said:
    Clearly Australia needs better Bow and Arrow control laws...
    I guess it’s funny to joke about thousands of senseless deaths? 39,773 gun deaths in USA in 2017. That’s 4.54 people, every hour of every day of the year. I’m embarrassed for you. 
    Australia had the Port Arthur massacre in 1996 in which 35 people were killed (23 wounded) by a retard armed with a high powered semi-auto rifle.  In the wash up, federal politicians across the political spectrum legislated to tightly restrict the availability of rifles / guns.  Since that day in 1996 there has not been a single massacre in Australia (23 years).
  • Customers' 'Dear Tim' emails have big impact within Apple

    lkrupp said:
    I believe the Apple Watch & Apples similar health initiatives will help America & the whole world in general. Thats why I utterly hate that countries like India, Brazil, Pakistan, Bangladesh,Argentina & european countries put up tariffs as high as 50% on Apple products.
    I think the time is coming when companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google are going to have to decide whether they are American companies or not. There’s an article out there now about a bunch of Microsoft employees around the world demanding the company end its contract with the U.S. Department of Defense. They say they don’t want to work on weapons for the U.S. military. It has to do with Microsoft’s HoloLens product being adapted for military use. So is Microsoft an American company or not? And if they don’t see themselves as American companies then why should they be protected by America’s government and laws? What if Microsoft had entered into a similar contract with Russia or China’s military? I despise globalization and the one world government some are clamoring for. 
    You didn't quote your source, anyhow a quick Internet search and the article source is below:

    Microsoft employees protest US Army contract

    Excerpt from that article "A group of more than 50 Microsoft employees have signed on to a letter protesting the company's $479 million technology contract with the U.S. Army, saying Microsoft is providing the military with tools "designed to help people kill."

    Approximately 50 Microsoft employees out of 134944 total is 0.04%.
    Nowhere does the article mention around 'around the world'.

  • Showdown: Samsung Galaxy Buds versus AirPods and the rumored AirPods 2

    tylersdad said:
    Let's not give these AirPod wannabes any attention. This is what made people think androids were real iPhones.
    I'm really happy that Apple Insider doesn't listen to you. While the AirPods might be perfect for some, they aren't for others. With the 2-hour talk time, they are pretty much worthless for people who use their phone 
    Not really an issue IRL, as someone who’s actually owned them for two years. First, plenty of people only talk on the phone with one ear, which doubles the talk time. Second, even if you want both, it takes minutes to recharge a pod, so if for some reason you talk for hours straight and can’t recharge inbetween calls, you can take a pod out and charge it, then do the other. Non-issue. 

    Best part of AP is mic quality. No one can tell you’re on a BT headset. 
    @AppleExposed = @Nunzy ... and will end up in the same place.
  • The new Mac mini is a great machine, but a $499 model could serve a larger audience

    Of all AI posts, those on the Mac mini always result in a huge discussion.  I know the AI readership is a small sample group and maybe even not representative, but still a possibility that Apple under-estimates the demand for this item.  Let's be honest here, the latest hardware refresh didn't constitute a massive design effort, so why did it take so many years?