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  • Wacom Bamboo Sketch iOS stylus offers pressure sensitivity to non-iPad Pro users

    I think the biggest issues of styluses is handling the gap between the glass and the pixels. Apple pencil is doing an amazing job on that, you can almost choose a pixel and touch it with Apple pencil. I have tried wacom bluetooth connected stylus with iPad Air 2 which has laminated screen but the experience wasn't even close to Apple pencil with iPad pro. The easiest stylus test for me to draw a line on the screen and try to re-catch the line and continue to draw the line. If I cannot catch the line on my second touch, that stylus is not for me. With Apple pencil every try I can do that successfully. 
  • Apple working with Consumer Reports on MacBook Pro battery findings, says Phil Schiller

    When I first read the report, I have decided not to buy one of these new macs. I trust CR's reports. I remember their report on bending iPhone 6 Plus. After that report all the phone manufacturers made their phones even more stronger.

    I have been using MacbookPro with DVD drive for 3 years now and it's battery works still better than the new macs according to this report of course. I was really amazed with 12" Macbook but it wasn't fast enough for me, even the newer version of it is not what I am looking for. I was really excited when I learned that Apple was going to release new macs. Touchbar, new design as 12" Macbook has and new usb standard ports. I was expecting new contour design batteries in this new machines but it didn't happen.

    What disappoints me is not only battery life, I am happy to re-charge my macbook or use it connected to a power source until finish my work. It is disappointing to see Apple releases devices which are not fully tested and not ready to release.

    But I don't understand this new pricing policy. I think 12" Macbook should be same price as Macbook Air and new Macbook Pro 13" with touchbar should be same price as previous Macbook Pro 13" with retina display.

    I think I will wait for the next generations of new Macbook Pros until Apple and CR work together and come to an agreement.

  • If you have an iPhone X, should you upgrade to the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max?

    I think many people will upgrade from iPhone X to iPhone XS Max. I think Apple thought about this last year. They introduced iPhone X with one size screen and two color options only, their plan was this all along. It is a brilliant marketing strategy I think. Speedwise there is not much of a difference. Also technology wise there seems not much of a difference either. Apple just intentionally keep the price bar high, it is just too expensive but it is business, they will (they should) sell tons of iPhones. iPhone 7 is still a great phone, refurbished one is less than 400 dollars, if people have budget problem they can go with iPhone 7 and 7 plus. Brilliant marketing Apple.
  • Video: Everything you need to know about the new AirPods before you buy

    Wireless charging of the case is a minor upgrade. For me charging airpods without case via iPhone would be a greater upgrade. I take my airpods without its case when I go for a walk. Mine used to work about 4 hours last year but now it works hardly 2 hours. For this situation, I wish airpods themselves would be able to charge via iPhone.
  • Samsung's $700 Smart Monitor M8 borrows Apple's multi-colored iMac style

    I have previous series M5 32” monitor. I don’t think it is intended for computer monitor for professionals. As a monitor it is ok, however I use it as smart tv. Youtube and streaming services work great with Airplay support. I rarely use as monitor, 32 inch screen is amazing to use. However, I am not professional creator. Personally, I love it and bought one more for my parents. As a result, I don’t think this is a Apple Studio Display competitor. New series has new colors which I might have buy in the future for the same purposes.
  • Apple discontinues full-size HomePod, to focus on HomePod mini

    I wanted to buy two of them to use as stereo speakers with Apple TV. People were reporting that there was some issues with that use. They said sound levels was low, stereo sound does not work with some apps. Infuse and plex somehow got it worked. After release of hompod mini, an update is deployed. This stereo issue has been improved. For these kind of issues I wasn’t convinced to buy them. I wish Apple added some sort of sound in option other than airplay. May be like a lightning port. This way they could still make money. I mean lightning to hdmi, optical, aux in etc. Or work with standard bluetooth connection. I could connect them to my lg tv.
  • Inside iOS 10: 'Raise to Wake' requires iPhone 6s, iPhone SE, or iPhone 7

    I think Slide to unlock feature was unique for iPhone. It has a nostalgic value. Replacing it with camera and notifications is a moving forward action but I wish Apple could have made it possible to adjust under settings.

    I was very disappointed that Raise to wake feature is unique to M9 chip, I am a iPhone 6 user. First I thought that, this new feature would help to decrease number of presses to home button but I realised that users have to push home button to unlock anyway. For me it is a nice addition to new iPhones but I don't think it is essential to every user. I have been using my phone for almost two years and I am not convinced to change it because of new features unique to new phones such as 3D Touch and Raise to wake. I will skip iPhone 7 and wait for the next version.

    If there are other people think like me, I think it makes sense for Apple to make major design changes every three years.