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  • Steve Jobs, Theranos' Elizabeth Holmes, and when the 'reality distortion field' fails

    ascii said:
    I really admired Elizabeth Holmes and was gutted when she turned out to be a fraud. 

    Another way of saying someone has a "reality distortion field" is to say they have the skill of persuasion. But it's not enough to just have that, it also has to be that the thing you are persuading people about is technically doable, and that was the difference between her and Jobs. 

    I saw Bad Blood in the bookshop about a week ago and have been waiting to finish my current book before buying it.
    You won't admire her or Sunny after reading the book. It was actually one of the best books I've ever read. I've been following the Theranos story for many years and was even recruited by them (I work in biotech) but thankfully never seriously considered it. I always suspected she was a fraud; it is one thing to be a great programmer in high school but to be an expert in biochemistry, enzymology and assay development takes a formal education.
  • Former Apple employee charged with stealing autonomous car trade secrets

    fox.kenji said:
    wood1208 said:
    It is hard. Chinese have been stealing tech secret for long time. It is just rest of the world don't know how much and how!!! Chinese have planted tech stealers in Universities research labs, defense and other high tech corporations,hacking through government sponsored, just every which way you can steal and cripple country like America's future economy.
    You just don't have be worry about Russians but lot more so of Chinese, way more.
    Agreed. He needs more than 10 years in prison though. 

    This is guy was probably a Chinese government spy from the beginning. Something very drastic has to be done about this. Stories like this one have been happening for WAY too long. They steal American technology and later they either show up selling it back to us in their  products (and they get rich from our own work), or using it against us in military weapons.

    Maybe the US should block entry, or severely limit, to any adult person coming from China. Our national security and economic prosperity depends on it. 
    Unfortunately there is really no easy solution. Limiting Chinese from coming here, we would lose a ton of money. Chinese tourists spent $33 billion here in the U.S. in 2016. 
    The US GDP is nearly $19T, let's not sell out our future and our technology over a measly $33B. Chinese industrial espionage costs us far, far more than that. I work for a tiny biotech company and the same thing happened to us. A US trained chinese national employee stole our technology and moved back to china. Fortunately we sued him and his company and won. Russia is not our enemy, China is. We need to stop training them at our universities (at the expense of American students) and stop hiring them at our companies (at the expense of American workers). We need to also end the H1B and similar visa programs. I've worked with many on these programs and they are not exceptional or extraordinary; mediocre at best, criminals, thieves and spies at worse.
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  • WWDC 2019 schedule teases ReplayKit for macOS, hearing tech in HealthKit

    My wife is an audiologist in the bay area and was approached by Apple to work with them on an undisclosed project. Their demands were quite high so she turned them down. It will be interesting to see what they come out with.
  • Facebook confirms plans for voice assistant to match Siri, Alexa & Google Assistant

    The press release has already been written "Due to an unforeseen technical error we've been listening to what you've been saying 24/7. We estimate it has affected only a small number of user, roughly 800 million. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused."
  • Tim Cook says Apple is 'heartbroken' over Notre Dame fire and will donate to rebuilding wo...

    seanj said:
    I’m not sure why Apple or anyone else is donating to rebuild Notre Dame. The cathedral, along with 70 other churches are all owned by the French state. So these donations are simply reducing the bill the French government will have to pay to repair it.
    Because France is more or less incapable of doing anything on their own, including defending themselves.
  • Apple Card will be the most secure credit card ever, and here's why

    I've never seen so much excitement for something as mundane as a credit card.
  • Facebook 'unintentionally' harvested email contacts from 1.5M users

    Facebook having a security breach is no longer a story. It's expected. I closed my account years ago and don't even miss it.
  • Tension over Trump's tariff tweet torpedoes $30B of Apple market cap

    spice-boy said:

    6502 said:

    China plays the long game.
    Trump plays the bluster game.

    My money is on China.
    True American patriot here. Evil foreign country over a president he doesn't like.
    A true patriot calls out those that break our laws, we are a nation of laws, remember. 
    Like immigration laws?
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  • Man pleads guilty to trafficking counterfeit iPhones in Oregon return scam

    the monk said:
    jungmark said:
    Why would anyone think they could get away with something like this? 
    He did get away with it. About 1499 times.
    And I'm sure he'll continue to get away with it and get a light, or likely no, sentence and be on the first plane back to china. There is no nation dumber than us in what we let china do to our jobs, industry, schools and trade. Will we ever learn?
  • Tim Cook says Apple is 'heartbroken' over Notre Dame fire and will donate to rebuilding wo...

    Why can't Tim just donate his own money and not having to donate Apple's? If he were a real mensch he'd do it anonymously.