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  • Man pleads guilty to trafficking counterfeit iPhones in Oregon return scam

    the monk said:
    jungmark said:
    Why would anyone think they could get away with something like this? 
    He did get away with it. About 1499 times.
    And I'm sure he'll continue to get away with it and get a light, or likely no, sentence and be on the first plane back to china. There is no nation dumber than us in what we let china do to our jobs, industry, schools and trade. Will we ever learn?
  • WWDC 2019 schedule teases ReplayKit for macOS, hearing tech in HealthKit

    My wife is an audiologist in the bay area and was approached by Apple to work with them on an undisclosed project. Their demands were quite high so she turned them down. It will be interesting to see what they come out with.
  • Tension over Trump's tariff tweet torpedoes $30B of Apple market cap

    macxpress said:
    Making America Greatly Ashamed Again....is it 2020 yet?
    Who's ashamed? I'm not. Maybe your ego is too fragile.
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  • Tension over Trump's tariff tweet torpedoes $30B of Apple market cap

    apple ][ said:
    apple ][ said: I agree. When I first heard about Trump meeting Kim, I said that I'm not sure how it will turn out, but at least he is making an effort and willing to take a shot at solving it, which is far more than the previous strategy, which was basically ignoring the whole situation, and doing nothing.
    The previous strategy was to isolate North Korea and not treat it as a legitimate world power in order to weaken the regime. Trump's strategy of praising Kim, treating North Korea as a global equal with summits etc. hasn't achieved anything beyond giving Pyongyang a lot of valuable propaganda. North Korea is testing missiles again as well, so Trump choosing to throw away the traditional strategy and give North Korea the recognition they craved without requiring any type of commitment in return has resulted in a weaker position for the United States. 
    The traditional strategy had been tried, unsuccessfully for decades, so I think that it's good to throw something away that has been a failure and try something new.

    I suppose that we'll know who was right and who was wrong and we'll see how the whole thing turns out in the future sometime..
    Correct. NK became a nuclear power with the old strategy. Will the new strategy be any better? Only time will tell, as you said. As least we're talking unlike before.
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  • Tension over Trump's tariff tweet torpedoes $30B of Apple market cap

    dysamoria said:

    6502 said:

    China plays the long game.
    Trump plays the bluster game.

    My money is on China.
    True American patriot here. Evil foreign country over a president he doesn't like.
    What’s unpatriotic about calling things as one sees them?
    Clearly he is rooting for China just to spite Trump. You don't need to be Captain Obvious to see that.