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  • iPad Air, affordable Apple Watch, 'AirPods Studio,' small HomePod predicted for fall

    Same goes for the HomePod. Apple developing a "cheaper" version of the HomePod is complete nonsense in my view. Like years back, when every "analyst" was predicting (or demanding) a "cheaper" iPhone as the only way for Apple to survive. The iPhone SE is nothing but a iPhone 7 with some modifications internally. The difference of the 5c was the plastic back cover.

    Apple never competes on price by developing specifically "cheap" hardware. What it does is giving legacy models a discount when new models arrive. This has been successful in the past, so where's the pain for them to change that strategy?

  • Developers sue Apple over $99 annual fee, mandatory pricing increments of $0.99

    deminsd said:
    larryjw said:
    If you can't afford $99 developer fee, you're not in the business of making a profit. At best, you have a hobby not a profession.
    Not the point.  Apple has a monopoly over app distribution and the 30% piece of the pie is what is the "profit killer".  Not many businesses can take a 30% cut on profit.
    Well, think the other way round: Develop an product and try to sell it.
    - first think about advertising to make your product visible to your potential consumers. How you gonna do it? Google Adwords ($$), Facebook Advertising ($$)? Billboards ($$$)?
    - o yeah you have to built a website ($$) were the product can be purchased from.
    - or you put your product into a self developed packaging ($$) and then develop relationships to resellers ($$) and make them want to display your product ($$$)

    In short, in no way a 1 man developer could have had the resources to distribute an App on his own before the App Store came along. It worked and it still works.
  • Solar-powered iPhone X 'Tesla' by Caviar goes on sale for $4,500

    Oh yeah, Elon Musk will be delighted, I´m sure.
  • Lisa Jackson touts Apple's environmental initiatives in Earth Day talk

    buckkalu said:
    Over the last 10 years, everyone from celebrity influencers including Elon Musk, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Al Gore, to major technology brands including Apple, have repeatedly claimed that renewables like solar panels and wind farms are less polluting than fossil fuels.

    But a new documentary, “Planet of the Humans,” being released free to the public on YouTube today, the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, reveals that industrial wind farms, solar farms, biomass, and biofuels are wrecking natural environments. 

    “Planet of the Humans was produced by Oscar-winning filmmaker Michael Moore. “I assumed solar panels would last forever,” Moore toldReuters. “I didn’t know what went into the making of them.” 

    The film shows both abandoned industrial wind and solar farms and new ones being built — but after cutting down forests. “It suddenly dawned on me what we were looking at was a solar dead zone,” says filmmaker Jeff Gibbs, staring at a former solar farm in California. “I learned that the solar panels don’t last.” 

    Like many environmental documentaries, “Planet of Humans” endorses debunked Malthusian ideas that the world is running out of energy. “We have to have our ability to consume reigned in,” says a well-coiffed environmental leader. “Without some major die-off of the human population there is no turning back,” says a scientist. 

    In truth, humankind has never been at risk of running out of energy. There has always been enough fossil fuels to power human civilization for hundreds and perhaps thousands of years, and nuclear energy is effectively infinite. 


    Yeah, that's a cool idea - because renewables are also polluting, why not stick to our legacy polluting sources of energy. Makes perfect sense.
  • Apple debuts iPhone 11 Pro from $999 with triple rear camera

    dicebier1 said:
    Pretty much expected this.... nothing exciting......sort of like a lame duck year until 5G arrives.
    Will keep my iPhone XS Max for another year.
    So true, only lame duck stuff. Will keep my iPhone 3g for anorher 5 years. At least.
  • Apple reduces price of accessories not included in iPhone 12 box

    Ofer said:
    I have a bunch of USB-A charging bricks. I have zero USB-C charging bricks. 
    You can buy a lighthing to usb cable for 6 bucks, I guess. Oh wait, you might have tons of them already.
  • MagSafe charging limited to 12W on the iPhone 12 mini

    I am really bored by this „how fast can that phone/tablet charge“ discussion that is repeated every year when a new phone/tablet model comes along. Don‘t you have nights over there?

    It happens to me once every few month, that i need to charge my phone fast. In the meantime I deliberately use older chargers to charge it slowly. I don‘t know how you in the USA can live such a fast life that this charging time thing is really an issue. I sure hope that there are some more important things in your life. 

    Oh… wait…

  • Apple could hit $3T market cap by 2022, says analyst

    tmay said:

    Oh, and those reusable rockets that land on their tails? The McDonnell Douglas DCX was doing that some 25 years ago, do hardly starting "from scratch", but credit for SpaceX building on what went before them.

    Oh yeah, this prototype flew and land. But never into space, never to the space station, never commercially, never crewed.
    So what's SpaceX innovation here, right?
  • Apple unveils new iPad Pro with 3D scanner, trackpad support

    I found the clip of Steve Job saying they would never introduce that: but why has Apple changed its mind now? Are those "tons of user testing" out the window?
    I think your wrong here. It's not about building a laptop with a touch screen. Its about building an accessory for a touch device, if you need to do typing input. So if you are in "writing mode" you don't have to touch the screen to reach for Buttons, instead you are "full laptop" then. 

    And in all other cases you are "full tablet". 
  • Apple announces 9.7" iPad Pro with Apple Pencil support, True Tone display, A9X CPU, starting at $5

    timbit said:
    Only complaint? The camera lens sticks out, so trying to draw on an unsteady iPad will be annoying
    Are there apple devices without a case? ericthehalfbee said:
    Seriously, people were complaining that $599 is too much? Pencil and keyboard support with Smart connector, improved display quality, improved cameras, Retina flash, A9X, 4 speaker sound and 32GB base model?

    That's a lot of extras for only $100 more.
    The pencil is $100 more, the Keyboard ist over $100 more, so if you like all the new possibilities, it's in fact over $300 more.
    roger wade