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  • Rare Apple Earthquake Survival Kit contains timeless safety advice

    Wow I remember going to Apple's training facility in Orange County several times circa 1985, once they gave us a tour that included their server room. They had a bunch of expensive hard drives stacked up on a high shelf, unanchored, no rack mounts or anything. I suggested that they fasten down some of that equipment or it would fall off in an earthquake. They were unreceptive to the idea.
  • Influencer isn't telling the whole story about her viral AirPods replacement ordeal

    I had a defective Airpods Pro, the left earbud had static all the time. This was a known manufacturing defect and Apple had an extended warranty program to replace them. I must have bought them like 3 years ago. I figured they'd just replace the left earbud. I phoned Apple Support and after a bit of fiddling (my Airpods wouldn't run their online diagnostic) they just said that my serial number was in the affected range, and they'd FedEx me a new set of Airpods. They arrived two days later. No yelling necessary, the Apple Support person was courteous and went beyond the call of duty to deliver a total solution to my problem.
  • Late 2025 for M4 Mac Studio & Mac Pro seems more certain now

    Well that rather sucks if I may be so blunt. The Mac Studio with M2 Max is looking to be slower than a M4 based MacBook at this point.
    Incorrect. The internal memory bandwidth of a Mac Studio M2 is several times that of any MacBook M4. The SSD speed is astonishing, nothing like it could ever be achieved on a laptop. A fast CPU/GPU means nothing if you don't have a system board that can handle that level of performance.

    I invested heavily in a Mac Studio M2 Ultra with 4TB of SSD, correctly predicting that it would be a long time before it was dethroned as Speed King. I was correct. 
  • This holographic photo frame can display iPhone Portrait mode snaps in 3D

    NOT holographic. It's a lenticular stereogram.
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  • Refurbished, high-end iPhones are suffocating the growth of cheap new Androids

    This is why you buy into the Apple ecosystem, new products retain their value over the long term. I was astonished at the prices on eBay when I sold my beat up, 3 year old iPhone 5s for $300. That was exactly what I paid for an original 2 year subsidized contract on my 5s, hey free iPhone for the last 2 years! This is the Apple advantage, lower Total Cost of Ownership. These previous-generation Apple products still outperform many new Android products. That's why the market for used iPhones is so hot. 
  • Skydiver's iPhone survives 14,000-foot fall from a plane

    JP234 said:
    Wondering what the terminal velocity of an iPhone is? Guessing that a fall from 20-25 feet might generate the same impact force as falling from 14,000 feet.
    What do you mean? African or European iPhone?
  • iMac could have been made without a chin, proves new hack

    I figured out the easy way to get a chinless iMac: make the chin a "forehead." Buy an iMac with a VESA mount, put it on a monitor arm, turn the screen upside down, and use a screen utility to rotate the displayed contents 180 degrees. The only downside is you get the Apple logo upside down at the top. But with a monitor arm, you can bring the screen much closer to the desktop, which is what I really want. I dislike the fixed height of the stand on iMacs, I'd like it to go lower sometimes.
  • Hands on with Xreal Air 2 Ultra -- The would-be Apple Vision Pro competitor

    Nobody will ever call an Apple Vision Pro user a Glasshole. But this Xreal device is basically Google Glass. 
  • First M3 benchmarks show big speed improvements over M2

    I am relieved at seeing the new chips, since I just purchased a Mac Studio M2 Ultra a couple of weeks ago. I wanted the high speed double-bandwidth memory and highest speed SSD only available in the M2 Ultra, wow it's fast. I figured there would be no M3 Ultra at first, maybe not for a full year, since the Mac Studio was only recently updated to the M2.
    For once, I predicted correctly. I usually tell my friends, watch and see when I buy a computer, because that's always the wrong time to buy a new computer.
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  • Hands on with the Banana Phone: reference memes of days gone by with this novelty handset

    The Nokia 8110 was the original Banana Phone.