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  • Late 2025 for M4 Mac Studio & Mac Pro seems more certain now

    Well that rather sucks if I may be so blunt. The Mac Studio with M2 Max is looking to be slower than a M4 based MacBook at this point.
    Incorrect. The internal memory bandwidth of a Mac Studio M2 is several times that of any MacBook M4. The SSD speed is astonishing, nothing like it could ever be achieved on a laptop. A fast CPU/GPU means nothing if you don't have a system board that can handle that level of performance.

    I invested heavily in a Mac Studio M2 Ultra with 4TB of SSD, correctly predicting that it would be a long time before it was dethroned as Speed King. I was correct. 
  • Hands on with Xreal Air 2 Ultra -- The would-be Apple Vision Pro competitor

    Nobody will ever call an Apple Vision Pro user a Glasshole. But this Xreal device is basically Google Glass. 
  • Influencer isn't telling the whole story about her viral AirPods replacement ordeal

    I had a defective Airpods Pro, the left earbud had static all the time. This was a known manufacturing defect and Apple had an extended warranty program to replace them. I must have bought them like 3 years ago. I figured they'd just replace the left earbud. I phoned Apple Support and after a bit of fiddling (my Airpods wouldn't run their online diagnostic) they just said that my serial number was in the affected range, and they'd FedEx me a new set of Airpods. They arrived two days later. No yelling necessary, the Apple Support person was courteous and went beyond the call of duty to deliver a total solution to my problem.
  • Rare Apple Earthquake Survival Kit contains timeless safety advice

    Wow I remember going to Apple's training facility in Orange County several times circa 1985, once they gave us a tour that included their server room. They had a bunch of expensive hard drives stacked up on a high shelf, unanchored, no rack mounts or anything. I suggested that they fasten down some of that equipment or it would fall off in an earthquake. They were unreceptive to the idea.
  • Cherry releases two keyboards & Bluetooth mouse for Mac users

    I like the current line of Apple Extended Magic keyboards. Long ago, I actually wrote an email to the TimCook Apple email address, I just begged for a full width pro wireless keyboard with numeric keypad. Don't abandon us pro Mac users and stick us with those tiny aluminum standard keyboards. So when Apple eventually shipped an Extended, it was like a dream come true. I'm an exceptionally fast typist, and this is the only keyboard I've ever used that made me want to keep my fingernails clipped short. I'm using it now. But I noticed Apple released a new version with TouchID on a key instead of the useless Eject button. I need an upgraded Mac just to use the security features of the new keyboard.
    I decided to put them together in a pic, you can see the tiny change in the new model (bottom). A little bit more rounded hey is that a roundrect?