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  • Highly questionable video claims to show 'iPhone SE 2' with iPhone X styling

    1. The SE is 100000% about price. Even its size is a result of cost considerations. It isn't using iPhone 5 design to please anyone, even if their marketing says so.

    2. Face ID is a leading iPhone X feature. Despite its utility, it won't come to low-cost products soon.
    I respectfully disagree.  I bought the SE because of its size.  

    It fits in my pocket, I can use it one handed easily, and I also use it outdoors in a lifeproof case while working out. 

    It’s perfect for my use case and they have sold millions. 
  • Apple's user privacy stance has caused problems for internal engineering teams

    payeco said:
    “ And, in 2015, Apple staffers working on the Photos app proposed a feature that would allow users to chronologically list the locations they had visited and view images taken at those areas. This feature was vetoed by a privacy engineer who explained how the feature could make it easier for authoritarian governments to see where a user has been. “

    Damn, I would actually really like this feature. 
    Photos already has this feature.   Your images are displayed in chronological order.  

    You can even go albums->places and see a map showing photos at the location you took them.  When you touch the photos at the location they are displayed chronologically.
  • New Apple Watch Series 7 with more durability, larger screen area revealed

    "And Apple Watch now, better supports e-bikes with an improved workout algorithm that more accurately calculates calories."

    Nice article….. right up until that sentence.

    E-bikes are like mopeds or f@t chicks…. you really don’t want people to see you getting on one.

    Also, you don’t burn calories or get a workout when the motor does the work for you.  

    But, e-bikes are not going away.  People on my trail are using them to commute to work and one of my grandson's friends rides his on a busy, 4 lane urban highway that does not have shoulders.  The other day I was driving through a park at 28mph when an e-bike blew buy me like I was standing still.
    The only reason e-bikes are “allowed” on trails is because government is incompetent and loopholed them in with human powered bicycles.   That is changing now to classification as motorcycles which will result in being banned in National Parks, bike paths, trails, etc.   

    At that point they will revert to toys for rich people.  
  • Apple debuts ninth-generation iPad with A13 processor for $329

    blah64 said:
    Seriously? "The old-fashioned Touch ID"?

     Why use such loaded language? It's not old-fashioned, it's just different. Works better with masks, allows use under a table without being a distraction to others, and various other advantages. Sure, faceID also has advantages, but those 2 words are just oddly biased and completely unnecessary.

    Read the sentence with other options, like "traditional", i.e.
        The traditional Touch ID sensor is still in use below the display.

     Or better yet, and more professional, no biased words at all, i.e.
    The Touch ID sensor is still in use below the display.

    Agree….. AppleInsider is great, until they start editorializing
  • Oracle will move headquarters to Texas from California

    Not a single well paid engineer will leave California for Texas. 
  • Elon Musk and T-Mobile try beating Apple with satellite vaporware

    Wow that is a lot of hate in one article.

    SpaceX has launched thousands of satellites in the last two years and is already operating it's "internet from space" network all over the globe.

    People mocked them two years ago......and now here we are, internet from frickin outer space!

    SpaceX has to have a lot of things go right for any sort of working beta by the end of 2023. This service will require their Starlink 2 satellites, of which they’ve launched zero because they are much larger than their current satellites and can’t fit on their reliable Falcon 9 rocket. So SpaceX needs to have its Starship and Super Heavy booster fully operational and flying at a cadence of what F9 does now very quickly. To make economic sense, Starship has to be reusable, therefore their completely unproven ground system of catching hovering rockets out of the sky with their launch tower has to work reliably as well. How will they launch the hundreds or thousands of satellites needed for a public beta in just 16 months? I think they barely have regulatory approval to launch 5 times per year from their Texas site so they are scrambling to build a new site in Florida. Getting a rocket from prototype to reliable orbital launch ready vehicle is tough and time consuming. And testing their ground system to catch a rocket will be hairier. One wrong move and an exploding rocket will take out their tower and that will take months to analyze, clean up, and replace.

    I’m not hating. I’m just realistic. Musk’s timeline, as always, is overly optimistic. He’s also known for his vaporware products that are either several years delayed or nonexistent. Semi trucks that beat the cost of rail? Self-driving robo-taxis that make owners money? The lie of Hyperloop? Battery-swapping stations for Teslas? Cybertruck delays. $35K Model 3s? New battery tech when they’re just buying Panasonic batteries.

    So far Musk has mostly kept the vaporware out of SpaceX, but he’s blowing smoke up people’s asses about Mars colonization and this satellite phone service beta available in 16 months. They’ll be lucky if they have enough birds in the sky to do internal testing of this service by end of 2023. After all, they still have NASA contracts to fulfill in that time too.

    So it's mostly hatred of Musk that drives you?

    I bet two years ago you were saying Starlink would never happen.  Yet here I am, sending you a message over Starlink internet!

    That's not the only thing you're wrong about, the Version 2 satellites fit on Falcon 9 and that is their plan while they increase the flight cadence of the bigger Starship.
    It's not hatred to not be a fanboy who refuses to question his overlord. Just Cruisin's facts were correct -- have we semi-trucks beating rail? Nope. Self-driving robo-taxis? Nope. Cybertruck? Nope. "Full self-driving"? Nope. The 100-year-old idea but promised hyperloop? Nope. Mars colonies? Nope. On & on with more over-promises, now including androids. Sure all great ideas, but ideas are the easy part. Implementing and doing so on the timelines announced are the hard part. (Solar Tiles have been installed but they won't be transparent on how many nor how efficient they actually are over time.)

    For more details you can watch this video: 

    It's fair to levy criticism. If Apple were making all these promises and not delivering on them, they'd be crucified by the tech press.

  • Apple fails bid to shut down refiled Cydia antitrust lawsuit

    monist said:
      The sooner Tim Cook realizes he's on the wrong side of history, the better.

    You're going to have to do better than that if you want to troll here. 

    The consumers have shown that Apple is on the RIGHT side of history for sure.  

  • Downgrading from iPhone 13 Pro Max to the iPhone SE 3 is a mixed bag

    1) Please take a class in economics.  The finance and insurance costs you are paying are ridiculous.

    2) Reading “ cheaper overall aluminum feel “ is major cringe.