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  • Apple formalizes 8-pin 'Ultra Accessory Connector' for switching headphones from Lightning...

    This is not a new connector, and it is apparently nothing Apple themselves intend to use. They've merely certified it to be used for "Made for iOS" Lightning adapters and accessories. It's in use by various manufacturers as yet another standard USB connector. https://arstechnica.com/apple/2017/02/no-apple-isnt-developing-an-all-new-port-for-accessory-makers/
  • Apple debuts $549 AirPods Max over-ear headphones

    MacPro said:
    I am sure these are aimed at professional studios, they will be followed next year by a lower-cost version for the great unwashed.
    Music studios have no use for Bluetooth headphones, except maybe for reference purposes — you need to check your mixes on consumer-grade equipment to make sure they work across a variety of playback environments. 

    The latency of Bluetooth audio makes it completely useless for recording, and the lossy compression of the audio stream means you're hearing everything through digital artefacting and noise masking algorithms, which is simply not an option for production.  
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  • Musicians aren't losing out from streaming music, UK regulator says

    The biggest issue right now is the distribution of subscription fees. 

    Currently, everyone's fees are thrown in a pot and distributed according to the total number of streams. 

    This is somewhere between problematic and catastrophic. 

    1.) it opens the floodgates for manipulation. Bot farms streaming hundreds of thousands of instances generate real money, and take it away from all the rest of us. 

    2.) it ensures that only the major players get any sort of meaningful revenue. 

    What we need is a model where each user's subscription fee is allocated to the artists THAT USER listens to. 

    A kid who pays a $12 subscription fee, but only listens to his three favourite underground bands, sees all his money goes to Drake and Taylor Swift. 

    That is not okay, and it makes work impossible for a whole range of indie artists who used to sell just enough records to their loyal fanbase to break even. 
  • Jean-Louis Gassee doesn't know who an iPad is for, and thinks you don't either

    Use case 1: my daughter is in tenth grade. Her iPad and iPhone are her only computers. All of her schoolwork, notes, and schoolbooks are handled on the iPad/Pencil. 

    Use case 2: The live music industry has been largely revolutionised by iPad.
    a) Remote mixing is the norm. A sound engineer will walk through the venue during sound check and adjust the mix using his iPad to control the mixing console. 
    b) Our onstage monitor mixes (making sure the musicians onstage hear the other musicians, click tracks, cues, and talkline, etc.) used to require a dedicated engineer, or be handled as extra duty by the front-of-house mixer. It has become the norm to have a wifi-enabled rack mixer for monitoring, with each musician using an iPad (or smartphone) to control their own individual mix. 
    c) Paper notation is a thing of the past. Cover bands with massive binders full of sheets for a six-hour gig are a very, very rare thing these days. iPad completely replaced paper for most of us. 
    d) it's not just paper replacement, but sound program changer, synth remote control, and, for a number of us, actual sound engine, as well. 
  • Internet Explorer 5 developer describes frustrations of working with Steve Jobs

    It's amusing that they claim that IE5's interface design was "almost indistinguishable". 


    It was nice that it had coloured highlights that almost entirely mismatched the colours and design of the Macs at the time, but the thing looked like a skinned OS 9 app, not like an Aqua app at all. 

    And yes, it was obvious at the time, especially if you'd been using OS X at all, where Omniweb was the browser of choice — a posterchild for adherence to Apple's development and design rules. 
  • Apple isn't done with 2022 -- here's what's still coming

    I'm amazed that people are so blissfully unaware of what happened to the dollar-Euro exchange over the past year and a half. 
  • Apple debuts $549 AirPods Max over-ear headphones

    MacPro said:
    I am sure these are aimed at professional studios, they will be followed next year by a lower-cost version for the great unwashed.

    No mic? I can't use it to talk with my iPhone? The fact that it has active noise cancellation proves it has some sort of mic in it, but not one I can speak into?

    It's labelled with L and R for the Left and Right sides. How are they going to market that in countries where English isn't known or spoken widely?
    Headphone manufacturers have managed to sell their 'phones with "L" and "R" labels internationally for seventy years. I'm pretty sure the market will be fine. 
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  • EU pressing on with USB-C charger legislation on Thursday

    rob53 said:
    The EU can do whatever they want to but the metric system is not the standard in the US and I doubt there will ever be a single world-wide standard for much of anything. USB is an Intel standard, meaning the EU is defining a no-substitute requirement for mobile phone chargers. I have to wonder how much Intel is bribing the EU. If Apple goes with a mag-safe charger and no physical charging port, I bet the EU will complain and try and sue Apple to provide a physical charging port. 
    Dude. If you're gonna argue against anybody trying to establish a universal standard, it's really best you NOT bring up the metric system. 

    Because the United States' refusal to this day to adopt the metric system (only on the surface — any industry in a globalised world cannot afford NOT to be metric) is so utterly ridiculous and total luddite buffoonery that it demolishes whatever argument you might be trying to make. 
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  • John McAfee dies in Spanish prison following extradition order to US

    Hard to know what the truth is.  However, suffice it to say, we need LESS government in our lives and less taxation and spending by government so we can have MORE freedoms.  
    He writes, using the government-developed and government-subsidised digital communications network. 
  • How Apple's Files app is getting better in iOS 16 & iPadOS 16

    Still no option to always keep a local copy for specific files/folders? That's the single most sorely missing feature for me.