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  • Apple responds to viral tweet over disappearing iTunes movies

    Having a physical copy of the file does not mean you can play them. Apple has DRM embedded in its supposedly DRM free audio files and I have seen files purchased from iTunes become unplayable on any Apple device despite having purchased them long ago- or they were iTunes Match files downloaded from content I own.

    I have spent way too much time with Apple help over a number of these files and ended up purchasing them a second time just to be done with it and I doubt this is unique to me.

    Amazon has had this issue where purchased books disappeared from Kindles after the company had rights disputes with publishers.

    To be truthful, the only way to be sure you have audio files you cannot have revoked is to buy physical CDs and not rely in any way on anything from an Apple server. I have mostly stopped buying iTunes tracks and buy physical CDs from Amazon to rip for my own use in ALAC (formerly Apple Lossless) or buy them DRM free from HD Tracks and others.

    Tim wants to rent you everything- just like Adobe, Autodesk and Microsoft.
  • Google is violating Apple's iPhone app privacy rules the same way Facebook did [u: disable...

    Show of hands:
    How many are surprised that Google is violating privacy rules like Facebook?

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  • The road to Steve Jobs' resignation, and the rise of Tim Cook as his successor

    When a Doctor tells you that you have Pancreatic Cancer you do not waste time in prayer- not mentioned here, but widely reported, fad diets or fasting. It is amazing that smart people can be so stupid and gullible regarding faith and regarding unproven “alternative” Medicine.

    I have worked in Medical Radiology for over 30 years and a significant part of that involved in the diagnosis, treatment, and tracking of Cancer. The specific kind of Pancreatic Cancer he suffered from was one that- if caught early enough - can be treated with the surgical procedure mentioned. It is not a simple procedure and has profound downstream consequences, but can give a patient a high probability of surviving Pancreatic Cancer. Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsberg was successfully treated for a similar form of Pancreatic Cancer and is still alive and kicking, primarily because she did not fritter away precious time with nonsense like prayer, fasting, fad diets and alternative medicine.

    Steve Jobs, for all his money and connections, could not get back that precious time he foolishly wasted. That should be an object lesson for everyone. I cannot give you medical advice, but would admonish all to not play around with any Cancer diagnosis. With Cancer, time is the one thing you cannot spare.

    I have seen so many people valiantly struggle with Cancer- some surviving and others not. My own Mother died in 2016 of Multiple Myeloma and watching her struggle with it was one of the hardest things I have ever had to witness. To think he had an early diagnosis and wasted it still makes me mad- most people do not get that gift.
  • First look at the Klipsch T5 Zippo-inspired truly wireless earbuds

    It is truly sad what has happened to Klipsch- it is just a brand slapped on stuff made by others.

    For the uninitiated, Klipsch was a mom and pop company based in Hope, Arkansas that produced a line of loudspeakers that featured horns instead of the traditional paper cone transducers. The Klipschorn used a folded horn in a corner mount to produce amazing tight bass and crystalline highs on a small fraction of the amplifier power needed by other speakers. I met Paul Klipsch in Germany on a promotional tour where he was making an appearance- he was really something and his speakers were awesome.

    I first heard a set of Klipsch speakers in college taking a music appreciation course. He had donated a set to the university to install in the classrooms used for music appreciation and they certainly lived up to their reputation and his claims.

    After his death the company changed hands and is mostly a marketing brand although they still produce a limited number of his speakers in Hope while the HQ has been moved to Indianapolis, Indiana. What was once a uniquely American brand of high end audio equipment respected around the world is now mostly just another brand of stuff probably made in China. The speakers Paul Klipsch made were objects of great skill and high quality with lots of hand finishing and furniture grade cabinets of high quality wood.

    I doubt he would let an earbud have his name on it.
  • AT&T says it lost $5 million a year from illegal unlocking scheme

    If you buy your phone from Apple it will not be locked.
  • Goldman Sachs & Apple credit card with added iPhone features about to enter testing

    Tim wants to be your banker and is in bed with the biggest bankster of all- Goldman Sachs. If one remembers, Goldman sold CDOs and synthetic CDOs to the market and then bet against them as they knew they were toxic- this NYT article details it. 


    "But Goldman and other firms eventually used the C.D.O.’s to place unusually large negative bets that were not mainly for hedging purposes, and investors and industry experts say that put the firms at odds with their own clients’ interests."

    Would you ever trust one red cent to anyone connected to Goldman?

  • Apple Card will roll out to additional countries, after US launch

    Getting into bed with Goldman is like sleeping with a working prostitute- you run a very high risk of disease.

    Given how low the prime rate is, the range of rates for the card are simply usury- excessive and rapacious. A real revolution would have been to offer credit at a rate much closer to Prime. So Goldman gets the money for 3% or less, loans it to you for 13% (and up) and you get a 3% rebate- that is quite a spread.

    I see no value here.
  • Review: 'Apple Pencil 2' is a huge step forward but still not perfect

    Only Apple would have the cojones to make a cheap plastic pencil that expensive and generally useless.

    I have one of the originals and it sits in the bottom of a laptop bag unused. A good stylus/pencil would be appreciated  and neither the one I own or the new one seem to be worth the trouble or expense.
  • Apple issues statement refuting Google's 'false impression' of iOS security [u]

    gatorguy said:
    As they should.

    iOS is not insecure, nor should it be inferred it is when rare exploits are exposed. 
    Ask the NSA.

    Your iOS may not be insecure, but your iPhone most likely is.
    NIST and the NSA introduced backdoors in standards for the baseband radios, hacked the makers of SIM cards, etc.
    Police all over have Stingrays that spoof cell towers and sweep up the data of people without a warrant or probable cause.
    Then there are security issues related to the ISP/wireless ISPs and how they process and handle your data.

    After all that, then you get to weaknesses in the UNIX base, the open source technologies incorporated into iOS, Apple’s own proprietary software and protocols and then the apps running on iOS from 3rd party vendors.

    Finally do not forget that Apple runs some services on AWS and is therefore subject to the security concerns of that platform.

    So you might be right regarding iOS, but your iPhone- not so much.

  • Don't use FaceApp if you want to keep the rights to your photos

    Not sure about now, but didn’t Facebook claim all photos you posted for themselves?

    Between the data mining, tracking and grabbing of personal IP, greed is killing the internet.