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  • Amazon updates Eero, Ring product ranges in wave of announcements

    The “new” eero is a degraded version. The old unit is now marketed as a step up.

  • Apple issues statement refuting Google's 'false impression' of iOS security [u]

    gatorguy said:
    As they should.

    iOS is not insecure, nor should it be inferred it is when rare exploits are exposed. 
    Ask the NSA.

    Your iOS may not be insecure, but your iPhone most likely is.
    NIST and the NSA introduced backdoors in standards for the baseband radios, hacked the makers of SIM cards, etc.
    Police all over have Stingrays that spoof cell towers and sweep up the data of people without a warrant or probable cause.
    Then there are security issues related to the ISP/wireless ISPs and how they process and handle your data.

    After all that, then you get to weaknesses in the UNIX base, the open source technologies incorporated into iOS, Apple’s own proprietary software and protocols and then the apps running on iOS from 3rd party vendors.

    Finally do not forget that Apple runs some services on AWS and is therefore subject to the security concerns of that platform.

    So you might be right regarding iOS, but your iPhone- not so much.

  • Apple, Samsung slapped with class action over handset RF emissions

    I work in the field of Medical Radiology and would offer this:

    Some health effects from exposure to various forms of radiation are slow to develop where others are quickly apparent. One can get an immediate burn from certain doses of radiation where a lower dose, over time, can produce different health effects. The delayed effects can take many decades to become apparent.

    I am not taking a side in this and suspect these ambulance chasers are motivated by deep pocket money more than protecting the public. However, do not dismiss concerns about frequent low level exposure to radiation out of hand. Beyond cancers, radiation exposure from x-rays has been linked to things like cataracts. Although the power levels of a cell phone are relatively small, operating cell phones are commonly held against the head and the potency of the radiation follows the inverse square.

    There is a repeating story where technologies are often used before the health impacts are properly understood. Within living memory of some, fluoroscopes were used to sell and size shoes- something that is unimaginable today.

    Beyond the tin foil hat crowd and the ambulance chasers there is a place for serious study and consideration of the potential adverse health effects of holding a radio device so close to your head and in your pocket- close to your reproductive organs - frequently. You should not be fearful or alarmed, but should pay attention to well done scientific study.
  • Google's final release of Android 10 is coming soon, with new branding

    I was thinking Google could name Android after SF neighborhoods. They could start with the Castro.
  • TP-Link cancels HomeKit plan for Kasa smart plug mini

    I have spent more than a little time using, working with and helping set up smart home systems and Apple HomeKit is behind and risks falling further behind. 

    Lots of stuff that supports Google and Amazon, but not HomeKit or not fully or whatever. With Apple’s financial and engineering resources this simply should not be the case.