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  • Missing message issues plague Mail users in macOS Catalina

    Problem is, how do you know mail isn’t missing? With tens of thousands of emails, it’s impossible to know which ones might be gone. 

    I initially thought it was a database issue because searches were coming up empty. But now I’m scared those emails might be gone. Just went through a corporate demerger and emails can’t just go missing. I understand not showing up on the local machine but to delete from my exchange server just because I upgraded? Just because Mac OS kept sending me notifications to update? 

    What a fucking mess
  • AccuWeather sends user location data to monetization firm despite iOS privacy settings [u]...

    Company statement- "We do not use this data to reverse engineer information for a location" also "we can deliver targeted ads to a user when in a Starbucks location."
  • Apple should keep Lightning for now, but USB-A has to die

    USB-C (TB3) has been a letdown for me. The ports or the cables get loose way faster than any other connector I've ever used. It's nice to have unidirectional plug-in, but on all my babied devices, the connectors are hit and miss. Not well developed. And I'm not sure how you'd fix it, but I have a number of devices I either need to get new cables for, or figure out a way to "fatten" the plugs to make them tighter...
    Thank you for this! My sentiments exactly. So many times has my USB-C cable come out of my Mac without me even noticing.

    This is a super specific scenario, but I have a 20TB LaCie drive connected to my Mac, but it provides only a tiny amount of power over Thunderbolt 3. Even with power coming in, while working, my battery actually goes down, yet the charging indicator says charging. I always have to keep a second power cable plugged in, but when it dislodges just slightly and stops charging, I don't get a notification because the hard drive provides a tiny trickle of power. Then, my computer will abruptly shut off when it inevitably runs out of juice. Very frustrating to this day!
    I had the same issue with the charging cables that came with my MacBook Pro and iPad Pro but since I got the new iPad I ordered a Thunderbolt 3 cable from Apple and nearly got stuck in the ports on the iPad Pro and MBP. Looks like Apple is shipping out thinner connectors on their charging cables. 
  • Facebook continues newspaper attack over Apple ad tracking privacy program

    Newspaper? How ever will they reach their audience? They aren’t able to track people through newspapers!!!