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  • Facebook continues newspaper attack over Apple ad tracking privacy program

    Newspaper? How ever will they reach their audience? They aren’t able to track people through newspapers!!!
  • Missing message issues plague Mail users in macOS Catalina

    Problem is, how do you know mail isn’t missing? With tens of thousands of emails, it’s impossible to know which ones might be gone. 

    I initially thought it was a database issue because searches were coming up empty. But now I’m scared those emails might be gone. Just went through a corporate demerger and emails can’t just go missing. I understand not showing up on the local machine but to delete from my exchange server just because I upgraded? Just because Mac OS kept sending me notifications to update? 

    What a fucking mess
  • Apple's iOS 13 is now available for your iPhone or iPod touch

    mjtomlin said:
    mobird said:
    Wonder how soon we will see the update to the HomePod? (audioOS - this labeling I'm not sure about).

    Thought it was mentioned that HomePod was getting updated later "this Fall". I'm guessing a new HomePod is coming out, the OS update will be released with it.
    I sure hope not. Shortcuts stops working on homepods as soon as you update your iPhone to iOS 13. Would apple break shortcuts while we wait for the update?
  • Editorial: Manufacturers, it's time to put more USB-C ports on chargers

    I just swapped out one of my 120v wall outlets that had two built in USB-A ports for one with two USB-C ports. I was worried about still needing to charge my USB-A devices but I realized they aren’t USB-A. They are micro USB and there are plenty of USB-C to micro USB cables on amazon. 
    hardly any of my devices use USB-A. They are mostly USB-A to micro USB or USB-B.

    you are correct that USB-A needs to die. USB-C is the future and those that have USB-A should realize the reality that their USB devices are on borrowed time. USB-C is now showing up in cars. Glad BMW is being proactive in this regard. They are including USB-C chargers in their new models in addition to Qi charging. 
  • Apple Music subscribers don't have to buy Wi-Fi to listen on American Airlines

    larz2112 said:
    lkrupp said:
    I’m sure the usual suspects here will trash this service because you only have access to your personal library or curated playlists but this is the kind of thing that separates Apple from the rest of the crowd. One could ask why Spotify or the other also-rans didn’t think of this first. My wife and I fly regularly to visit our granddaughter in Phoenix and we usually fly either American or Southwest. This announcement will steer us to American more often. I’m a big user of iCloud for my music library and have almost nothing downloaded on my iPhone 8.
    So you would rather pay $25 for a checked bag on American than $8 for full WiFi access on Southwest, or do you only travel with carry-on luggage?
    Except that Southwest uses GoGo for their Wifi Service and GoGo blocks Apple Music even with a paid subscription. So even for $16 you can't get Apple Music streaming on Southwest. 

    Also, people that fly frequently usually have a Frequent Flyer account and don't have to pay anything for checked bags.