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  • Apple hands out rainbow Apple Watch bands to commemorate LGBT Pride

    apple ][ said:
    Yo Apple, where is my special made, limited edition, straight-white-male-awesome-hetero watch band?

    Maybe they can give some out at the next hetero parade that's taking place, if such a thing even exists.

    I can just see it, 5 years from now, Tim Cook will be standing on stage, and he'll be announcing the latest iPhone.
    "We at Apple are pleased to introduce our latest iPhone, and we regret to inform you that it will no longer be available in Space Grey! It will only come in Rainbow Gay! No gold, or pink gold or silver either. They're all history as of this moment. "

    When it comes to politics and Apple, less is better. And that goes for all corporations. 

    when you get physically attacked/raped/abused/sent to "correctional therapy"/threatened/abandoned for being straight let me know. I don't know why you have such a problem with people celebrating something they fought hard to be able to express
  • Apple hands out rainbow Apple Watch bands to commemorate LGBT Pride

    apple ][ said:
    Big deal. Every group in society has their own issues to deal with. They don't go around holding parades every 5 minutes.
    oh boo hoo. turn off the telly if you don't like seeing them

    apple ][ said:
    The white, straight, non leftist male is one of the most discriminated against species in the entire world
    you seem to be confused about the difference between being rude to someone and discriminating against them. give me an example of how you've been discriminated against aside from "I don't get a parade :("

  • Microsoft attempt at artificial intelligence becomes Hitler-loving, misogynistic PR disaster

    Oh come on. You make it sound like this is Microsoft's fault. They created an AI and it went and did its own thing which is exactly what an AI is supposed to do. If anything this is a very good example of the dangers of artificial intelligence
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  • Apple CEO Tim Cook calls for racial equality in light of US shooting deaths

    apple ][ said:
    I also have some common sense advice to anybody of any color or race, if they wish to avoid getting shot by the police.

    Don't be a moron. Don't resist arrest. Be respectful, don't be a douchebag and I probably shouldn't even have to write this last one, but don't go for their gun or attempt to get violent with the police.

    Most of the people who have gotten shot deserved what they got, due to their incredible stupidity. I don't care what color you are, don't resist arrest. If you do, then whatever happens to you will be your own making, and I couldn't care less what happens to you in that case.

    is it the law in America that the sentence for resisting arrest is death? because that's kind of messed up
  • Apple hands out rainbow Apple Watch bands to commemorate LGBT Pride

  • Apple hands out rainbow Apple Watch bands to commemorate LGBT Pride

    tallest skil said:

    If homosexual “love” is as pure as natural love, why are gays so much more promiscuous?

    If homosexuality is comparable to friendships with the same gender, why do they have sex?
    you can have sex with your friends lmao

    If homosexuality is a valid means of romantic bonding, why does nature disallow them reproduction?
    romance is a concept created by people that in no way influences the evolution of biology

    If there is nothing inherently wrong with being a homosexual, why would an entirely homosexual society cease to exist beyond a single generation?
    I hope you realise this but gay people don't give a lark if you're straight. no one's calling for an entirely gay society. straight people on the other hand....

    the truth has always been our very first thought as children when we saw gays.
    you can blame your parents for that

    How can you not understand that homosexuals are not having sex, by definition of the word?
    false, and transphobic I might add

    Soon afterward, gay protesters began picketing at the APA's annual conventions, demanding that homosexuality be removed from the list completely. In 1973, after intensive debate and numerous disturbances by gay activist, the APA decided to remove homosexuality from its next manual (DSM III). What followed was a swarm of outrage from psychiatrists within the APA who disagreed with the decision and demanded that the issue be reconsidered.
    false. it was evelyn hooker who conducted a study that debunked homosexuality as a mental illness

    I take issue with the fact that the APA and many other professional organizations have moved far beyond just saying that homosexuality is not an illness, and instead are now saying that reorientation therapy could potentially “harm” someone tying to change from gay to straight.

    It can wtf are you talking about. "correctional therapy" has caused more than a few people to commit suicide

    But there are still hundreds of mental health experts successfully treating homosexuals; they just aren't advertising it. This is because doing so could get them into trouble,

    or because they don't exist

    Sure: Heterosexuality... and then a bunch of mental illnesses.
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  • Apple adds 100 emoji to latest iOS 10 beta, promotes diversity and gender equality

    Equal doesn't mean the same you prick
  • Apple adds 100 emoji to latest iOS 10 beta, promotes diversity and gender equality

    crowley said:
    tallest skil said:

    men are biologically superior to women
    Cute, but I've never seen a man give birth.

    trans men exist

    tallest skil said:

    a load of bullshit
    goddamn, that's a lot of righteous anger over something you have no control over. why don't you chill out for a bit, go outside, pet a dog, drink some lemonade, apologise to your parents for being a disappointment 
  • 'Piano black' and dark black Apple 'iPhone 7' test unit stickers spotted

    1983 said:
    ireland said:
    If "dark black" is used in marketing I'll eat my hat.
    Dark black is a stupid name. Black is black, there is nothing darker while light black would be grey. Just call it Space Black and be done with it, while the glossy version being called Piano Black is fine. As for me I'm going to miss Space Grey, it was my favourite Apple product colour.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7 bursting battery shipment stop may escalate to a recall

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