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  • Apple emphasizes again that Touch ID for iPhone X was never an option, company all-in on F...

    tulkas said:
    The more every statement from the company, include John Gruber, uses the same "all-in on face ID" mantra, the more it sounds like they are pushing a scripted narrative. I at least hope the PR machine is trying to convince the outside world instead of inside Apple that they really were all in. Either way, they are actively trying to convince someone that they were "all in". They are all-in on this script. They are all in on the narrative. They are all in on the storyline. 
    What a ridiculously skeptical assumption!

    So, you'd rather believe a consensus of babble from a list of babblers over simply looking for yourself at the fact that Face ID is fundamentally better than Touch ID.

  • Apple's Tim Cook says tech doesn't yet exist to do AR glasses properly, downplays rivals

    jorgie said:
    ...and no one needs more than one button on their mouse...
    Come upstairs and look around. It's 2017.
  • New 30% U.S. tax on solar cells threatens jobs, Apple's renewable energy efforts

    prokip said:
    Apple just made a killing on repatriation of its overseas hoard of cash, care of Trump.  Now they have to pay a bit more for their virtue signalling and gesture crap on solar panels, ( I mean has anyone really done the numbers in sunk energy associated with producing and installing solar panels, and please don't get me started on wind power, the carbon contribution of making, installing and maintaining those monsters- literally they are 'monsters' - is never recovered).

    It's called swings and roundabouts.

    Suck it up Apple !
    It’s actually called yet another anti-Trump, obviously biased DED essay! One important plank of our President’s campaign was BALANCED TRADE with China. So this is another example of a promise kept. I didn’t see DED mentioning anything about this tariff being an opportunity for the US to start developing ITS solar manufacturing—which it is!
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  • British MP urges schools to confiscate iPads, says children use tablet to bully

    More and more restrictions to "protect" some of us is a thinly veiled attempt to notch things up ever closer to a police state.

    We all should realize that no amount of regulations or restrictions will make people "good." It's up to each of us to simply treat others with respect and kindness.

    Devices such as iPads are far more beneficial than "bad."

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  • A reflective Jony Ive recalls the joy of joining Apple, the magic of making products that ...

    "What I will remember most fondly will not be the products," he said, "it will be the process."
    THIS is the kicker of the whole interview!

    A person's only real pay in life is the enjoyment of the effort he/she puts out. The products (or trophies) come and go. They don't matter nearly as much as the team participation and the next "game." No amount of money or possessions will substitute for it.

    Those who have experienced this know what I'm talking about, and I won't bother to explain it to anyone else.

    This is a big chunk of the "magic" of Apple: Sir Jony's many contributions on an ongoing basis as part of the Apple team.

    Apple products on my "want" list: iPhone X, Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular, iMac Pro, and iPad Pro/Apple Pencil.
  • BMW owners unable to access CarPlay due to apparent subscription service outage

    Latko said:

    BMW is one of only a handful of carmakers that charge for CarPlay access.

    This is a greed play. Pure and simple.
    Essentially, you are renting your BMV for life. 
    Avoid BMW. 
    Generally speaking, there is a reluctancy for carmakers to get Apple in between themselves and their customers.
    Therefore, many developed their own navi- and infotainment systems and integrated it with the car to a level that Apple/Android can’t match.
    The reason is their intrinsic fear for Apple as it tries to become a force in the automobile world - thereby enforcing their UX onto cars - reducing the role of the carmaker to a casing manufacturer.
    I am not saying what’s right or wrong, but I can understand their reluctancy. And when greed comes into place, we should respect the real champ...
    We leased a new 2018 Honda Accord Touring last December which has Apple Car Play, no extra charge.

    Though it offers NFC connections of Android phones, you do have to physically connect an iPhone to one of two USB ports, though, which is a bit of a pain. 

    But it works great. The sound quality of Honda’s speakers is good. 
  • Series 3 sales help crown Apple Watch king of 2017 wearables market

    My son now has my Apple Watch Series 0, which served me well. But I love, love, love my Series 3 with cellular (AT&T)!

    It's faster, brighter, and more functional, and I take my iPhone 7+ out of my pocket far less often.

    I love the watch for placing and answering calls via my Beats X earphones. They're quick and easy to pair, and they stay in my ears far better than my previous PowerBeats Wireless 3 set.

    Apple Pay works great with the watch, and is yet another way NOT to take out my phone.

    And I love playing my Apple Music tunes from the watch with its easy-to-use interface.

    Like with most Apple products I use, I don't care very much what are the various marketshares. I just know that there's no way I'd consider any other brand of comparable devices.

    Next for us is the Home Pod—maybe two once Air Play 2 arrives!
  • Apple's Tim Cook says tech doesn't yet exist to do AR glasses properly, downplays rivals

    Can't wait to get my iPhone X! It marks a milestone for the next decade.
  • Editorial: As Apple plays the telephone game, analysts hear something else entirely

    The true test for me of the success of ANY product is how many I see of them—without even looking for them—"out in the wild".

    What I see rather often are: Apple iPhones, MacBooks, Watches; Tesla Sedan S, X, 3; Honda Accord, Civic

     I own Apple and Honda products. I aspire to owning a Tesla.

    That's good enough for me. The rest is fake news, media hype, and just gossip.
  • Adobe Fresco painting app for iPad boasts accurate AI-powered brushes

    Thanks so much, boys, for perpetuating the anti-Adobe bias!!

    BTW, you may have missed the last two words of the article: ". . .for free."