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  • Editorial: As Apple plays the telephone game, analysts hear something else entirely

    The true test for me of the success of ANY product is how many I see of them—without even looking for them—"out in the wild".

    What I see rather often are: Apple iPhones, MacBooks, Watches; Tesla Sedan S, X, 3; Honda Accord, Civic

     I own Apple and Honda products. I aspire to owning a Tesla.

    That's good enough for me. The rest is fake news, media hype, and just gossip.
  • Mac Pro won't get China tariff waiver, says President Trump

    The point which seems to have gone missing here so far is that China poses a far more huge threat to our economy and to our sovereignty than IMAGINED price increases of some damn computers which relatively few of us are going to buy anyway.

    So far, tariffs in general have had POSITIVE effects on our economy in the form of factories and manufacturing returning to our shores—to say nothing of the tariff income itself!

    The picture is much bigger than  a mere squabble over Mac Pro manufacturing.

    Just imagine the huge impact a truly-acceptable-to-both-sides trade deal with China will have for the entire planet!! After all, China has been ripping us off for countless decades to the tune of TRILLIONS of dollars, merely because no one before Trump ever called them out for it—and CHINA KNOWS IT!!

    If Trump were to exempt Apple, he'd have to exempt others. Ain't gonna happen!
  • Adobe Fresco painting app for iPad boasts accurate AI-powered brushes

    Thanks so much, boys, for perpetuating the anti-Adobe bias!!

    BTW, you may have missed the last two words of the article: ". . .for free."
  • Apple shares first official photos of Carnegie Library store in DC

    Latko said:
    OK, merits - as this will undoubtedly put Tim & Joni between Michelangelo, Frank Lloyd Wright, Aga Khan and Le Corbusier. Subsequently, can we customers (who funded this all) now go on with our lives - and get to hear when MacPro, improved MacBook keyboards, smallbezel iPads, iOS DarkMode, smaller volumeHUD’s and 100’s of other things will be programmed ? It may be surprising to the Apple Board, but those are the things due that we funded in the first place and that’s where their primary responsibility is.
    Apple customers exchange money for Apple products. Once those transactions take place, Apple has no obligation beyond warranty coverage to those customers.
  • Intel lays off dozens from autonomous vehicle program, acquires LiDAR startup

    Elon Musk is backing the wrong horse. LIDAR is the future. 
    Wrong. Watch the TESLA Autonomy Day Event:  They explain LIDAR's limitations in relation to autonomous driving systems.