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  • Apple fans line up for iPhone 11, Apple Watch Series 5 as first orders arrive

    zoetmb said:
    I've never understood why anyone would do this.  What's the difference if you buy a new phone on the day it's released, a day later, a week later or a month (or more) later?   And I've never understood how there are people who can both afford the phone and waste so much time.   But I will give them some credit for having the patience to stand on line.   If a line is more than 10-15 minutes for anything, I'm out of there.   

    It's not a waste of time to take part in a unique opportunity to socialize with like-minded people. It's kind of like queueing for tickets to a rock concert. You know others are there for the same reason, and you have common ground with them. A few years ago, I queued up for an iPhone 6 around 7pm the night before at my Apple Store in Tampa, Florida. We were sitting in line in chairs and having pleasant conversations practically all night. One nearby person sprung for a half-dozen pizzas and shared them with some of us. It was fun. We just stayed up all night outside the shopping mall. Come morning, and a couple hours before the store opened, some store staff came out and distributed bottles of water. And then they started taking payments via their hand held devices for phones they had in stock. Once they opened the doors, we then simply waited in more line to pick up our phones.
  • BMW owners unable to access CarPlay due to apparent subscription service outage

    Latko said:

    BMW is one of only a handful of carmakers that charge for CarPlay access.

    This is a greed play. Pure and simple.
    Essentially, you are renting your BMV for life. 
    Avoid BMW. 
    Generally speaking, there is a reluctancy for carmakers to get Apple in between themselves and their customers.
    Therefore, many developed their own navi- and infotainment systems and integrated it with the car to a level that Apple/Android can’t match.
    The reason is their intrinsic fear for Apple as it tries to become a force in the automobile world - thereby enforcing their UX onto cars - reducing the role of the carmaker to a casing manufacturer.
    I am not saying what’s right or wrong, but I can understand their reluctancy. And when greed comes into place, we should respect the real champ...
    We leased a new 2018 Honda Accord Touring last December which has Apple Car Play, no extra charge.

    Though it offers NFC connections of Android phones, you do have to physically connect an iPhone to one of two USB ports, though, which is a bit of a pain. 

    But it works great. The sound quality of Honda’s speakers is good. 
  • Apple sends emails to WWDC 2018 scholarship winners

    Soli said:
    I see these annual WWDC conferences as ever-more-significant components of various STEM-related curricula, from the de facto, in the case of individual training and enhancement initiatives, to those at accredited educational institutions.
    Besides all the WWDC videos, we have access to countless free classes from excellent universities.

    It's an amazing time for autodidacts and self-motivators.
    Indeed! For myself, I've made various attempts to learn Objective C over the years. As voluminous as the documentation is, it seems to be made up majorly, in not completely, with mere descriptions of the myriad components, and very few explanations of what they're for, how they're used, etc. I also tried following the Standford curriculum some years ago, now, but found it, too, to be too "glib."

    Another missing element is a comprehensive dictionary of the terminology, containing "action" definitions (how is it used, where and when is it used, etc.)

    So, now, with the advent of Swift and Swift playgrounds on the iPad, I'm hoping for a better run of it, once I give it another shot!
  • Review: BeatsX are Apple's most affordable W1 wireless headphones

    khollar said:
    How do you connect these to the 4th gen Apple TV?
    On the Apple TV go to Settings > Remotes and Devices > Bluetooth > [Your device name] > Connect Device

    I have the Powerbeats3 with the W1 chip, and they're very easy to connect between my iMac, iPhone, and Apple TV. You don't have to disconnect the current device before switching to another.
  • Kevin Hart brings the funny to Apple Watch Nike+ ad series

    I love my Apple Watch series 0. It's been a non-trivial factor in daily life, and it's been a source of pleasure for its convenience and utility for a year and an half now.

    My dear wife has mentioned the possibility of a new watch for my birthday next month.

    These ads have made me want to consider the Nike model. Simple.