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  • Internal Apple memo addresses public concern over new child protection features

    Um, how do they look at the pixels if they don't examine the image? Do you have any idea how this technology even works? It doesn't appear so. To look at the pixels compare them to pixels in reference images, they must open both images. If they are opening the image and reading the pixels, then they are examining personal pictures.

    To explain this quickly, this “scanning applies only (for now) to photos before they are uploaded to iCloud Photos. If you don’t use iCloud Photos, then this will never happen (for now).

    Your device scans your photos and calculates a photo “fingerprint” ON YOUR DEVICE. It downloads fingerprints of bad materials and checks ON YOUR DEVICE. 

    If by some chance you had a match, it would put a kind of safety token with the media while uploading it to iCloud Photos. If you reach some number of safety tokens someone will be tasked with checking up on your media (presumably in a very secure way which logs everything they do during the check).

    The big question is who creates/validates the media fingerprints that get compared. Example “what if” concerns include a government like China giving Apple fingerprints for anti-government images.
  • Apple uses Messages colors to bully Android users, says Google

    iMessage has been unchanged since it debuted and colors were necessary for mixing SMS with a modern message service.

    There is no Apple campaign promoting blue bubbles  :D

    so silly.
  • Apple fires employee who spoke out on workplace issues, cites alleged leak

    She finally got the boot! 🥳
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  • Epic asks Apple to reinstate developer account so it can re-release 'Fortnite' in Korea [u...

    B-Mc-C said:
    They’re using Apple’s intellectual property (thousands of APIs) to build their app. These are not open source to my knowledge and are likely licensed to them under Apple’s terms. Apple spends a boatload of money developing all of these “building blocks.” If they decide they don’t want someone using their licensed software, especially someone who is not paying for it, then so be it. Just my opinion.
    Apple should just revoke their developer license permanently and move on. Apple's property, Apple's choice. Let Epic go on to enjoy 100% commitment to Android.
    At which point Epic can decide to pull iOS support from Unreal Engine, cutting out a massive segment of the iOS/iPadOS gaming market, or worse, kill Unreal Engine for macOS and destroy a large segment of the 3D market. Nobody wants that, but just saying at some point this war needs to end and its in everyone's — even outside of Apple and Epic — that it doesn't result in those kinds of casualties.
    Well, Epic has already shot itself in the foot. Pulling Unreal Engine would be just cutting off their feet. There are still other engines such as Unity and Cocos2D. I doubt people buy an iPhone for serious gaming.
  • Editorial: Apple just told you that they aren't going to make an 'iPhone SE 2' any time so...

    I want a modern iPhone that is not huge, heavy and $1000+

    I have a three year old iPhone 7 Plus and I want to downgrade in size. iPhone XR / 11 is roughly the same size but thicker and heavier. That leaves only the very pricy XS / 11 Pro series.

    All I can do is trade in and get an iPhone 8 or pony up too much cash and get an iPhone Pro I don’t need. Obviously there is a missing option here.
  • Why the iPhone 12 Pro is worth the upgrade cost

    This article adds a lot of fluff. The only improvement is the cameras and extra 2GB of RAM. 

    The trade-offs are heavier stainless steel which is really shiny and shows off finger greasy because of the flat sides. The frosted back is less grippy. 

    Both phones have the same processors. It just comes down to those cameras. I upgraded from 7 Plus to 12. I’m pleased with the design but I miss the telephoto lens and I dislike the reach of always accessing the control center and Face ID...wish they had put Touch ID in the side power button. 
  • Klobuchar defends bill that would bar Big Tech from preferring their own services

    darkvader said:
    How does anybody claim with a straight face that something like this that will obviously help consumers could possibly 'hurt consumers'?

    Oh, right.  Bribery.
    If you diminish the product, cripple it, then you hurt all the satisfied customers and you hurt the capitalistic incentives of the company producing the product. 
    Nothing about bribery, wtf. I'll tell you with a straight face, that as an iPhone user since iPhone 3G and an iOS developer, all this legislature is ridiculous and I don't want the government forcing changes to it.

    You don't tell Best Buy not to promote their protection plans, instead let someone else offer an insurance service in your store.
    You don't tell Nintendo not to promote their first-party games on the console platform they created.
    Why should you tell Apple they can't promote services to enrich the iPhone experience, on the platform they created?
  • How the new Mac Studio fills a crucial gap in Apple's desktop lineup

    Like we've said before, this isn't the mythical minitower that the devout have been clamoring for, for over 20 years. It doesn't have PCI-E, nor vast user expandability.

    Doesn’t Thunderbolt does offer vast user expandability?

  • Epic asks Apple to reinstate developer account so it can re-release 'Fortnite' in Korea [u...

    maestro64 said:
    Hasn't epic heard they can now set up their own store in Korea and sell at whatever price they like.
    This is untrue.
  • Google fined $177M by South Korea for abusing smartphone dominance

    Fragmenting an OS is an awful idea. Google needs to open source because they are built on an os foundation but...the resulting product should be licensable no?

    I think if they fork Android, they shouldn't be able to call it Android and no Google services. Seems fair enough. Google should be able to withhold unique and expensive developments from the open source version as well.

    Just Samsung and government corruption.