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  • Apple uses Messages colors to bully Android users, says Google

    iMessage has been unchanged since it debuted and colors were necessary for mixing SMS with a modern message service.

    There is no Apple campaign promoting blue bubbles  :D

    so silly.
  • Internal Apple memo addresses public concern over new child protection features

    Um, how do they look at the pixels if they don't examine the image? Do you have any idea how this technology even works? It doesn't appear so. To look at the pixels compare them to pixels in reference images, they must open both images. If they are opening the image and reading the pixels, then they are examining personal pictures.

    To explain this quickly, this “scanning applies only (for now) to photos before they are uploaded to iCloud Photos. If you don’t use iCloud Photos, then this will never happen (for now).

    Your device scans your photos and calculates a photo “fingerprint” ON YOUR DEVICE. It downloads fingerprints of bad materials and checks ON YOUR DEVICE. 

    If by some chance you had a match, it would put a kind of safety token with the media while uploading it to iCloud Photos. If you reach some number of safety tokens someone will be tasked with checking up on your media (presumably in a very secure way which logs everything they do during the check).

    The big question is who creates/validates the media fingerprints that get compared. Example “what if” concerns include a government like China giving Apple fingerprints for anti-government images.
  • Why the iPhone 12 Pro is worth the upgrade cost

    This article adds a lot of fluff. The only improvement is the cameras and extra 2GB of RAM. 

    The trade-offs are heavier stainless steel which is really shiny and shows off finger greasy because of the flat sides. The frosted back is less grippy. 

    Both phones have the same processors. It just comes down to those cameras. I upgraded from 7 Plus to 12. I’m pleased with the design but I miss the telephoto lens and I dislike the reach of always accessing the control center and Face ID...wish they had put Touch ID in the side power button. 
  • Apple has been working on rumored 'iPhone 8' facial recognition solution for at least 3 ye...

    I was thinking of upgrading my iPhone 7 Plus if the new phone is really exciting. However, if Touch ID is replaced with this facial recognition only, I won't. I don't want someone to be able to unlock my phone by holding it at my face.