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  • First Apple Silicon Developer Transition Kit benchmarks show Rosetta performance impact

    I know people are waiting to see what kind of numbers this machine puts out, but in a recent interview with John Gruber Apple’s Craig Federighi wanted to stress that the Developer Transition Kit that was released this week should not be compared to any future consumer product.

    “Even that DTK hardware, which is running on an existing iPad chip that we don’t intend to put in a Mac in the future, it’s just there for the transition, the Mac runs awfully nice on that system.”

    “It’s not a basis on which to judge future Macs, of course, but it gives you a sense of what our silicon team can do when they’re not even trying,” Federighi continued. “And they’re going to be trying.”

  • Oracle will move headquarters to Texas from California

    sflocal said:
    ...and best of all, their state government stays out of the way.
    I assume that's code for letting corporations and business do whatever the hell they want?

    My take on it is simply that office space, cost-of-living and housing has grown so high in the Bay area that moving elsewhere seems like a good deal. 

    Unfortunately for your rant, in all likelihood the net result of all of those people moving to Austin is that AUSTIN real estate prices are going to start skyrocketing, and that all of those transplanted people are going to want the same level of services they once had in CA.

    The same exact thing happened to Colorado and Denver and Boulder a couple of decades ago when the tech boom hit with people moving there from CA... with the same exact result. Housing and COL went up, and the state started going Blue...
  • Twitter for iOS updated with $8 checkmark in-app purchase

    lkrupp said:
    viclauyyc said:
    The boat had sailed. I deleted my Twitter account on the day the deal is done. 
    Oh, what’s the view like way up there on the moral high ground?
    One could equally well ask how the view is from your mom's basement....

    But seriously. All you did was attempt to display your own superiority stance concerning his own stance. What was the point?
  • What the Apple Silicon M1 means for the future of Apple's Macs

    System on a chip is a very innovative shift for microprocessors. However, from the lack of info so far on the M1 regarding RAM resource management between GPU and CPU is a concern of mine. How does the operating system prioritize which is more essential? what happens when the RAM is full? Will they use SSD’s as virtual memory? 

    This was a throwaway line in the presentation, but one thing to consider is that since the CPU and GPU are sharing the same memory space and the same data formats, all they need to do is hand off a pointer from the CPU to the GPU for rendering and presentation. As opposed to working with a discrete GPU where you actually have to spend time copying data from one to another. Further, you can use the same paging mechanisms for both, which means recently unused textures (as just one example) can be offloaded as needed.

    See 15:28 in the presentation.
  • Twitter for iOS updated with $8 checkmark in-app purchase

    I think the only thing being verified is that anyone who purchases Twitter Blue is a sucker...
  • Adding water cooling to the Mac Studio does surprisingly little

    Based on earlier tests I'm pretty sure that Apple is throttling the system regardless of chip temperature. There's no reason in the world why a M1 Max in a MBP should run at the same speed as a M1 Max in a Studio with a desktop-class cooling system and when not limited by battery life... but it does.
  • US lawmakers call for universal charging standard - but not necessarily for USB-C


  • Amazon reclassified as grocer by UK, subjecting it to more regulation

    Buy a grocery store and deliver groceries, and people somehow think you're a grocery store??? Who knew?
  • Apple warns developers it will pull apps without recent updates from the App Store

    Sorry that it's onerous for a developer to keep an app up to date, but I have to agree with Apple on this one.

    Apple updates iOS with new features all of the time and old apps that haven't received an update since iOS 6 or so reflect poorly on the store, hide more modern apps in the clutter, and perhaps more to the point probably don't reflect modern security practices and privacy notifications and behaviors.
  • Google to kill support for iPhone 6s-era Nexus phones and all of its tablets in Android P

    Ancalagon said:
    This article is dishonest by omission .... Dishonest, very dishonest.
    I thought the CORE point was that Google was saying that 2-year-old devices will not be supported by Android P?

    Your point about apps on the Play Store would be interesting... except that said apps are limited by the APIs provided by the OS. If a new app feature depends on a new system API, then that feature won't be supported when said app is downloaded on an older device.

    So yeah, I can get "new" apps that may or may not have new features. Wow.