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  • Twitter relaunching Verified, with manual authentication checks

    If you're referring to the Black Friday deals posts, feel free to not click on them, the same as you shouldn't click on anything else you don't want to read.
    Well, you do make that a bit difficult when, "above the fold", there's exactly one article that's not an ad, sponsored ad, or deal advert-story. And when the Latest News section is about 60/40 "deals" vs content.
  • Jean-Louis Gassee doesn't know who an iPad is for, and thinks you don't either

    From my perspective, the primary reason that iPad sales are down is that once you have an iPad you're good for quite a few years. The things last forever and that's not much a new model can do that an earlier version can not.

    So most people who think they need one, or have a use case for one, already have one and won't need another one for a long, long time.

    I also think the M1/M2 Air has moved into the iPad's space as well. Small, lightweight, powerful, a long battery life... and the ability to run many iPad apps.
  • Twitter staff nearly decimated by Musk's 'extremely hardcore' demand

    Madbum said:
    People are forgetting one thing

    why did Musk buy this company?

    He didn’t like the one sided biased and filtering of free speech. The old Twitter team likely though Sam Bankman-Fried and all of his donations to a certain D party made him a model Twitter citizen lol

    He is simply cleaning out the people who made Twitter what it was, the exact reason he bought the company, to change it from what it was

    Do you do that by keeping everything the same?

    You can change the direction that a ship is going from the wheelhouse. There's no need to throw all of the engineers, stewards, and other crew overboard.
  • iPhone 15 Pro rumored to get Thunderbolt connectivity

    Umm... keep in mind that the EU law pertains to devices with ports. I suspect that Apple might just use USB-C/Thunderbolt on the Pro models and ditch the sucker entirely on the standard models, going with wireless charging only.
  • Apple works on waking Siri without the 'Hey'

    rhonin said:
    Please don’t.
    I get enough random Siri activations as it is.
    You want to do something to improve Siri?  Get her/him/it to start understanding contextually what we are asking.  So tired of the “here is what I found …” to basic inquiries.
    Conversational context without trigger words would be nice as well. "Siri, what's the population of the US" "What about Canada?"