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  • Twitter for iOS updated with $8 checkmark in-app purchase

    lkrupp said:
    viclauyyc said:
    The boat had sailed. I deleted my Twitter account on the day the deal is done. 
    Oh, what’s the view like way up there on the moral high ground?
    One could equally well ask how the view is from your mom's basement....

    But seriously. All you did was attempt to display your own superiority stance concerning his own stance. What was the point?
  • Twitter for iOS updated with $8 checkmark in-app purchase

    I think the only thing being verified is that anyone who purchases Twitter Blue is a sucker...
  • Greg Joswiak confirms iPhone's future move to USB-C

    MplsP said:
    Ok I don't get this. People moaning and wailing about how horrible it is that Apple is being forced to switch to a USB C port, complaining "what happens when the USB C port is outdated?" and then saying "well we should just remove the port!" (picture a toddler stamping his feet and pouting) If you think the phone will be fine without a port, what difference does it make what port it has? And how in God's name can you be concerned that the EU has locked the iPhone to a port that will be outdated and then argue that it doesn't need aport at all?

    The two things aren't mutually exclusive. If it has a charging port it must be USB-C. If it doesn't the law doesn't apply.

    What this prevents is some new port, call it "Lightning-C", from being developed and used.
  • Adding water cooling to the Mac Studio does surprisingly little

    Based on earlier tests I'm pretty sure that Apple is throttling the system regardless of chip temperature. There's no reason in the world why a M1 Max in a MBP should run at the same speed as a M1 Max in a Studio with a desktop-class cooling system and when not limited by battery life... but it does.
  • Despite criticism, Self Service Repair still makes devices more repairable

    The pre-Retina MacBook Air models have an easily replaceable battery. How many consumers replace those on their own? I’ll bet very very few.

    Then again, you should be able to pop off the bottom, flip off a connector, and then maybe just pull an adhesive pull tab to replace a battery. I can see keyboard or trackpad replacements being harder the way Macs are built, but really, anything Apple does to make them easier to fix means that their service techs spend that much less time on repairs.