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  • Review: Arlo Ultra is a 4K HomeKit-ready smart home camera with endless features

    Review from actual user: 0 out of 5.

    • App is slow and finding useful footage is an exercise in your time and patience. You will have to rewatch the footage at 1x, since skipping doesn't work
    • The cloud service is slow, you'll be waiting for your videos to load every single time.
    • The App maker seems to be unaware of the app-switching bar on iOS, you're just as likely to switch apps as you attempt to scrub footage.
    • The web version of the viewer still runs on flash (seriously) and will not work unless always on the latest version.
    • The detection features are absolutely crud, you'll likely get 3 seconds after the action has begun, a break and then the perpetrator moving away. (Even when on the highest sensitivity with the longest recording options available.)
    • The camera will randomly drop out, I've got 4 it's a game of which one is offline today.
    • Battery life is crap unless you directly connect to AC, in which case the device will randomly reject the AC charger - and it's no longer approved for outdoor use (because it's not water tight and will rust the contacts - This applies to the prior pro models.)
    • The solar panel battery charger is expensive garbage, you'll still be changing batteries regularly unless you live in the Sahara.

    Absolutely DO NOT BUY.

  • Purged screen time monitoring apps misused enterprise tools, Schiller says

    Unsurprisingly all we heard in the press was how these developers were blindsided by Apple. Meanwhile it looks like Apple reached out to them and asked them to discontinue using the tools improperly. Funny how developers caught red handed will run to the press.
  • KGI: iPhone 7 won't sell as well as the iPhone 6s

    No one will buy the 6s, it's too similar to the 6. No one will buy the 7, it's too similar to the 6s. And yet the most accurate sales guidance has always been from Apple's quarterly meetings... funny that.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Fold doesn't look like it's coming back any time soon

    This is what Samsung devices look like when they don't have Apple to copy.

    It's amusing to think back how the iPhone was described as merely a collection of obvious design choices. Yet neither Samsung or similar had anything like it prior, and that the seemingly obvious collection of technologies wasn't achieved prior.
  • US appeals court says public has right to sue Apple over App Store exclusivity

    The people who actually want this change:

    •  Crap developers who want to scrounge up as much data from your device as possible in exchange for a "service".
    •  Nefarious developers who make keyloggers, mic/camera wire-taps and data kidnappers.
    •  Grayware manufacturers/resellers
    •  Botnet providers

    People who don't want this change:
    •  All consumers interested in having a functional device.
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  • Cellebrite executive insists iPhone unlocking has a 'public safety imperative'

    This is the same company which was hacked and the data revealed that they have been selling their services in Russia, the UAE and Turkey.

    So while they're busy waving the flag of "drugs, child-protection and homocide", they're actually just selling their services to any unscrupulous character who can afford it.

    That on its own is enough reason for why Apple must continue to fortify their hardware and software.
  • Apple sued for storing iCloud data on third-party servers

    Amusingly the iCloud terms make numerous references to partners providing the services. So the core claim is already invalid. Additionally the suit fundamentally misunderstands both encryption and how the internet works - since a near-random array of servers will at one stage or another hold the data during transit.

    I think the USA would benefit from more frequently enforcing some of the available consequences to launching frivolous litigation, and increasing the penalties associated with such behaviours. Remember it’s not just a waste of the defendant’s money, it’s a waste of tax payer’s money too.
  • Apple's Find My feature requires two devices, boasts extreme security safeguards

    I am amused by the prospect of a criminal's own mobile phone providing the location of the apple device they had just stolen.
  • New iOS 13 feature uses Siri smarts to thwart spam calls

    ktappe said:
    Why would this require Siri? It's simply referencing the incoming # against a database. It's extremely straightforward from an engineering perspective.
    Siri is the name of a variety of AI-based technologies. In iOS12 "siri" reviews your mail and messages for data that looks like phone numbers, email address and the like and presents these to the user as needed. For example when receiving a call from a number not in your contacts, Siri may furnish a message "Maybe: PERSONS NAME", where that name has been automatically gathered from a email/message source. Similarly these contact details can be easily added to existing or new contacts.

    This new feature likely takes that existing iOS 12 capability and provides it with the skill to automatically reject unfamiliar numbers/facetimes. There is an expectation that the feature does a little more to thwart spam calls, since Apple would be able to gather a statistical model of spoofed phone numbers.
  • BMW to charge drivers $80 per year for CarPlay access in 2019

    What an obvious money grab. Their rationale makes no sense - if users want to disable car play they could just put an option for this in the settings menu. It's already a joke that it costs $300 to enable a software feature.