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  • Hong Kong legislator urges Tim Cook to put 'values over profits, pls!'

    It's been said many times before, Apple can't influence policy or improve the conditions for the people of China/UAE/etc by being banned.
    Without iMessage/FaceTime/etc, the people of these regions have minimal options to communicate freely without interference from their government.

    It comes up a few times a year where Apple has to remove content due to conflicts with the local laws and they don't do this lightly.
    I think people forget that individuals and businesses in China/UAE/etc do not share the same legal foundations to effectively challenge government requests. This is a strength of the legal systems in the USA and other western nations and a feature of true democracies. 

    It can be argued that any participation in these oppressive regions is immoral, and that the problem was created when entering the market, not with this particular conflict.

    As a side note: I see a lot of verbal posturing from people who can actually make a difference (e.g. US politicians) - yet everyone seems fixated on this company falling on its sword, damaging its business (it is a business remember) and doing the heavy lifting for all the people out there who need to understand what it means when they flip over a product and see the words "Made in China".
  • Apple again pulls police monitoring app from Hong Kong app store [u]

    svanstrom said:
    Thanks to AppleInsider for linking to the live version. 

    This raises the question whether installing web apps shouldn’t be easier; just like how a website can link to their AppStore app in a way that Safari recognizes it?
    Arguably it's about the same difficulty to install a PWA (the term for online or offline web apps). Since the whole process is just four taps: Once on the link to visit the PWA, once on the share sheet, once to 'add to the homescreen' and finally once to accept the name and icon. I doubt they'll get App-style header banners anytime soon because Apple has a wholly hands-off approach to PWAs, plus developers can already do this manually. (Plenty of sites direct users to install the web app version.)

    That's a smart -- and ethical -- move by Apple.   Law and order is good and should not be subverted.
    I think people read too much into what Apple does with the stores, trying to give the impression that Apple is an individual with thoughts and feelings and not a corporation that is simply following their pre-defined policies: If the app breaks a local law or Apple's guidelines then they'll remove it. This process is largely immune from influence, especially government influence, and we see Apple time and time again resist government requests when the government fails to establish the legal foundation for removal. Leading to some ping-ponging of app availability, including highly controversial titles.
  • New European tax proposals aimed at Apple, Facebook, Google & other tech giants

    rob53 said:
    So is this only about American companies or is the threshold too high for any non-American company? Are we talking about all automobile companies, oil companies, clothing manufacturers? Or is this simply another money grab so foreign countries can get something out of the American company's apple pie?
    While cynicism is always warranted when it comes to money. It’s important to understand that a multinational company owes taxes in the regions they exist and operate. In the same way that if you reside in a foreign country you are liable for taxation there. 
  • Apple expected to launch AR Glasses in early 2020

    I'll happily eat my hat on this one. But I don't think we're going to see Apple Frames in the way that Kuo imagines. I.E. Snap Inc one-size-fits-all frames. I have very little confidence in Kuo's reports and sourcing, the reports only bear accuracy on the most obvious of predictions.

    With that said, I think AR has a bright future. If designed as spectacles, any entry into the eyewear market is going to need a wide range of frame shapes to suit face shapes and tastes. Apple certainly knows this, the Apple Watch has just one shape, yet contains numerous finishes and bands and that's just for the wrist, not something as personally important as the face. Although part of me still doubts that Apple would want to restrict a product this way, there is a reason why clear-lens refractive surgery, LASIK and contact lenses are so popular.

  • Minor Lightroom and Photoshop bugs pop up in macOS Catalina

    Considering the types of bugs that pop-up in Adobe software these are nothing.

    Other than random crashes on the Save dialogue (arguably the worst place to have a bug) in the last year they've even had video accelerator bugs that leave black marks all over the artwork.

    Having to rename a file, no sweat.