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  • Facebook also launches blue-check Verified program

    Meta's verified system worked better when it was based on social eminence, the verification procedure included a requirement to show press coverage of yourself or profile.

    Just like on twitter, it wasn't only about being who you say you are, but that what you say or are selling is considered a legitimate source. I.E. Trustworthy.
  • Epic must pay $245M after luring customers into 'Fortnite' purchases

    Imagine how much more they would have if they didn't have Apple standing in the way with confirmation-based IAP and making available refunds for legitimate accidental purchases. (It's a lot more than a 30% cut.)
  • If you're having trouble with Gmail, you're not alone

    Which brings to mind: why does Google have absolutely no way of contacting anyone there? No support, no helpline, nothing.
  • Apple's 5G modem is going to debut sooner than expected, says Qualcomm CEO

    What I like about this most is that if true - it yet again demonstrates that analysts aren't any better than rumourmongers (or more cynically: stock price manipulators.)
  • Apple's AR headset probably won't need an iPhone to function

    Among the major platforms, iOS has the lowest amount of malware outright: when weighted against the number of users this figure becomes even more impressive. Android unsurprisingly has the most malware due to an array of factors, not limited to repeating the biggest mistakes from the PCs.

    The key to iOS's lack of malware is Apple locking down the app installation pathway and limiting the web browser engine: the two main malware entry points on PCs: however competitors have successfully lobbied governments to force apple into unwinding both of these platform protections for the sake of getting a larger cut of revenue/more market dominance. Thus I would not be surprised one bit if Apple significantly change the app-model used in the new device, and there is some evidence of this in rumors which paint an on-device app development process that ordinary users can do. After all why should Apple provide a space for companies like Facebook/Google to place ads directly in our line of vision, while making bank with our personal data.

    The apple watch also demonstrates that we don't need every type of app available for a device to be meaningfully useful - many users don't even use 3rd party apps, likely because not every device we own should aim to be a replacement of the personal computer - a new form of interface allows us to improve other aspects of our lives.