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  • Duet Display update will allow Mac users to extend displays to Android tablets

    Re: Sherlocking.
    I think we'd be better to remind ourselves that Apple don't directly earn income from OS updates. Calling this Sherlocking is tentative at best.

    iOS and macOS have already included quite a lot of screen sharing/mirroring functionality for some time. Extending that onto iPads is certainly a logical pathway forward. Astropad/Duet Display were not the first people to do this either, home brew versions of this have existed for quite sometime via VNC.

    The timing for Apple's introduction is likely to be one of performance, since the entire range of Apple devices are now sufficiently powerful enough to support such a feature without the use of a hardware dongle. (Something which the DuetDisplay still requires.) This point is especially important as Apple Pencil is no longer limited to Pro iPads.

    It might also be poignant to consider the very wide range of software and services available for the mac. It is very easy to suggest that any new feature introduced into Apple's range of OS's is inspired by something that is already commercially available.
  • US denies Apple tariff relief on remaining five Mac Pro parts

    In theory only the US customers would need to have the US-assembled model to minimise the costs incurred by tariffs. So it's fair to say that the tariff costs won't be a very high cost to Apple for this particular product.

    It is wholly naive to believe that this will cause systemic change in the US manufacturing industry, trying to import the manufacturing jobs into the USA is a huge step backwards for the USA. I've said this before, the USA is already in the sweet spot: creating the IP which is sold at high value, while outsourcing the low-wage, low-cost production jobs to other countries. The product simply wont exist on USA wages, so why live in a fantasy world of US-citizens working for $50 a day? (Who would even want that?)

  • Apple website hints macOS Catalina to launch on Oct. 4

    It will be too expensive to replace all the 32-bit apps like Indesign.

    Has anyone got a good VM/parallels solution?

    Otherwise i am gong to have to skip for the first time in 18 years.

    Most current versions of popular software are already 64-bit (Including InDesign): However there is likely a lot of old software, particularly old creative software and games (including Steam), which are still 32-bit. I'd recommend keeping an old mac around with 32 bit support for the meantime.

    You can check incompatible software by going to:
    System Information (in Utilities folder), choose Software from the left hand side and sort the list by "64-Bit Intel." It's a good idea to write to developers who don't have 64-bit versions to see what their plans are.
  • Apple sued for storing iCloud data on third-party servers

    Amusingly the iCloud terms make numerous references to partners providing the services. So the core claim is already invalid. Additionally the suit fundamentally misunderstands both encryption and how the internet works - since a near-random array of servers will at one stage or another hold the data during transit.

    I think the USA would benefit from more frequently enforcing some of the available consequences to launching frivolous litigation, and increasing the penalties associated with such behaviours. Remember it’s not just a waste of the defendant’s money, it’s a waste of tax payer’s money too.
  • TP-Link cancels HomeKit plan for Kasa smart plug mini

    Pre-announcing HomeKit support is a well-worn marketing device for IoT manufacturers that have little, if any, intention to deliver.
    At this stage it’s fair to label such companies as frauds, because there have been enough companies that had struggled or scaled back their HomeKit intentions to give pause to anyone that wants to legitimately launch such a feature.