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  • AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon reveal plan for new phone-number based app authenticati...

    Would like to see the 4 major companies get together and put a stop to telemarketing where the caller uses a Fake telephone number, location, etc.
    This needs to stop.
  • Apple not only company fighting Google over video, as YouTube is cut from Amazon Echo Show...

    One more thing - Google is not my default search engine now.

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  • Third ex-Apple engineer charged over Apple Car technology theft

    And the US goverment wants to sell the chinese farm land.
  • Apple is considering making the iPhone 15 Pro more expensive

    Should not go up in price.
    Electronics, should drastically improve quality and drop price.
    This is ridiculous.  Don't think I will get one.
  • Apple's John Giannandrea talks Apple Silicon, moving from Google to Apple

    Apple's John Giannandrea is correct.  I am an engineer w MBA without a doubt he is correct.  It is logical.  People from the other side of the fence or window see only their world.  It takes a World Class Player like to be able to set the direction of progress and the future .  He & Apple see it.

    I am not privy to what Apple is doing exactly none of us will really know unless we are working at Apple or under NDA's.  Industrial Espionage is rampant.  Why would Apple tell us everything; they are smart and a smart person only discloses approved information.  Things that are under NDA or inside their labs would blow the minds of people who are not aware of it.  Most would not understand the concepts.  

    Not everyone will buy Apple - they may think it is too far behind.  It is not.  If you control the software & are able to design the chips & hardware , the end product will be amazing.  It is better.  You just want it to work.  Other's work, but not like Apple's.  If you are in the other camps, you may be in the majority, but the majority is the herd.  The herd runs all over the place when someone says "Boo".  

    Apple does not follow the herd, they follow the true leader(s).  It is an honor to work for Apple.  The hours are long, the rewards are great & they are the leader & those with the herd mentality are not at Apple; they are elsewhere. Having less fun beating their brains out.

    Apple is so far ahead in software, hardware, processing in your hand vs cloud processing of data, it would take a major shift for the herds to change their direction(s) & go in a Unified Creative Direction. Instead they go blinding fast over the cliff.  Just a metaphor.

    In 1984, the Apple Macintosh was introduced.  It was fabulous and Archaic by today's standards. Excel did not even exist.  I believe it ran VisiCalc.  We brought our little desktop Macs to work to be able to use MacProject, MacWrite & MacDraw.  The "others" did not have anything like it.  They used command line interfaces to speak with the OS.  Rather archaic don't you think.  Apple had a vision.  Jobs & Woz were creatives.  I cannot say they envisioned all that Apple has become, but their focus improved daily.  They refocused constantly and Apple is what it is today because of Visionaries like Apple had then, have now, & will have in the future.

    Apple has it down. Sure I can tell you what is wrong with some of the apps or hardware, but they keep the details of the vision close to their vest.  When I worked initially for a Major Defense Contractor, I walked into a copy room one night and surprised a person who was photographing with a spy camera and copying the proprietary drawings of another contractor who was ahead and had the contract to supply a system for a major aircraft contract.  This type of thievery goes on today at all levels, Chinese included, and the only way to keep a good secret is to not tell anyone .  Even Apple segregates their workers, but there is a focus to make it the best.

    Others try, but Apple does it.  Sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings.  Being able to Find, See, Accept or Lead has been my life's ambition.  Try to be the best.  We don't always have the luxury of being able to do that.  Some times the trees get in the way when in the Forest of Life.  Being able to change on a dime if needed when it is correct is important.  There is not a lot of difference in gasoline as far as my car is concerned.  It is a commodity item.  Being able to really see the future is important.  I have not always been able to see or admit the future, but if I was right and someone else was wrong, I would admit it either way.  

    I admit Apple's John Giannandrea is correct.  Can you see that he is most likely correct follow a leader ?  There is a supercomputer in our hands, with Apple's Supercomputer Product line, you can touch, hold , own, & use it for creative purposes beyond our wildest dreams.  Distributed Data is the wrong concept.  The days of the Terminal into the Network, or the "Network is the Computer" maybe out of date.  But if you work in that area, you may never see the forest for the trees.  The Network is not really the computer, not for us.  Maybe for you , but not for us and not for Apple's John Giannandrea.

    The Apple Subsidiary, Claris, aka FileMaker, originally Nashoba's Filemaker was far ahead.  I Love that product, but I Loved MacWrite, MacPaint, MacDraw, Visicalc, etc because they let me have a computer that I could afford to buy, own, & use to accomplish what the Naysayers could not do.  You will never know how many times were whipped, beaten, professionally crucified because we chose to not follow the masses. Especially corporate IT - they were the worse.

    Can you see the future ?  I hope so.  Apple is far ahead, will continue to lead, not all will follow the Star, but they have the Focus & the Cash.  Sure they will make a mistake or so, but Naysayers are already doomed to be wrong by having the wrong attitude.
  • Apple says some 2018 iPad Pro units ship with bent chassis, not considered a defect

    Since 1984, this is unacceptable - both as a Consumer , but also as a stockholder.  I don't care what the "reason" is, it is not acceptable - because someone noticed.  I would take mine back, but it is a little older and thicker - it does not bend.
  • Mark Zuckerberg claims Apple's App Store charges 'monopoly rents,' stifles innovation

    I know the answer to this as well as everyone else.  Mark Zuckerberg is a big babbling baby. As said above, Apple kickstarted the industry that we have today.  Zuckerberg would not have much if it had not been "juiced up" by Apple.  Apple does not have the majority of products or users in this space. Android has the market sewed up.  Apple is a minority player, but Apple is in great shape after being kicked around or struggling for years.  They made it . . . Facebook is in an entirely different business.  Do I detect a little hint of bad something rotten with Zuckerberg.  

    Apple is a hardware & software company that primarily sells hardware; they are demanding.  The "Security & Functionality" of the hardware is paramount.  They don't like to release products that might be flawed.  They also, do not want other players to come to the platform with flawed products that may make their products seem inferior. Thus, if the "others" want to run on Apple Hardware, they must follow Apple's Rules which have a reason for being. If the "others" want to run on Apple's platform, they have to comply with certain rules that Apple demands of itself : it's hardware & software are designed to play well.  Those who come from elsewhere always want to claim foul.  Apple releases information for compliance as soon as possible, but not before it is necessary or too far in advance.  

    Therefore there will always be those like Zuckerberg that fuss & whine , hoping the courts of justice or public opinion will rule in their favor.  I use Facebook as an example that can be easily followed.  

    Boo Hoo.
  • Europe presses Apple for more iPhone 'batterygate' compensation

    Peza said:
    cjk91108 said:
    This is the concern with initially accepting the answer forced on them by their lack of strong response. The reason for the slow down was engineering. A cell out of balance with the others can (and has for many of my customers) caused a crash/system reset. The fine is ridiculous, Apple might continue to allow inexpensive battery replacement. These types of shake downs are happening in many industries these days. Maybe in a time before good information was a available this was a problem but to continue to find smaller and smaller examples to show that things are still out of control is benefiting very few. I do not for a moment believe that those users have been scammed out of the ROI of their device because Apple chose to limit battery usage when the battery began degrade with age. Not even Apple can stop physics. 

    And what about those people who bought new iPhones because Apple told them their was absolutely nothing wrong with their batteries according to Apple diagnostics software.. Apple has got off incredibly lightly so far for its criminal act here, and yes it was a criminal act in some cases, like telling people to buy a new iPhone because their software stated the battery was fine, and let’s not forgot it wasn’t till Apple was caught red handed it was deliberately slowing phones down before they admitted it.. guilt all over them. Personally I’d have slapped Apple with a few billion dollars in fines and placed them under strict audits for 2 years to check they were not misdirecting consumers.
    Fortunately Mr Peza, you are not in a position to "Slap Apple with billions in Fines and neither are you in a position to place them under strict Audits".  Apple does everything possible to provide its customers with the best possible engineering & products.  I would not pay anything to the organizations who have filed suit.  Apple saved the Batteries in my opinion.  My 6S+ still works fine with a reduced Maximum Capacity of 92%.  Maybe I will put a new battery in it, maybe not.  Would I like a new battery ? Sure I would , but it is too much trouble for me to have it done.
  • 27-inch iMac flash storage cannot be replaced or upgraded

    It is quite an Interesting Set of Questions ... I would pose this question to be pondered :  How else would you provide a Very Elegant Solution to the Data Security Problem.  Apple's combination of Solutions will work across their entire OS spectrum.  Now & in the future.  I do realize that not everyone wants or needs secure data . . .  or do we ?  This is pretty secure at an inexpensive price.  They have thought out the future beyond several iterations of hardware & software.  

    What we buy today & drool over is not what will be here in 2-3 years, but it will work.

  • Apple highlights Health app privacy practices, backed by Jane Lynch ad

    It would be nice if I could see this data on my Mac.