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  • Apple says some 2018 iPad Pro units ship with bent chassis, not considered a defect

    Since 1984, this is unacceptable - both as a Consumer , but also as a stockholder.  I don't care what the "reason" is, it is not acceptable - because someone noticed.  I would take mine back, but it is a little older and thicker - it does not bend.
  • Testing how well the Vega 20-equipped MacBook Pro runs Fortnite in macOS and Windows 10

    I believe you can set the TouchBar to always display the Function Keys...  
    I forget where the software switch is located - perhaps in assistive services for the keyboard.  You do not always have to press the Fn key.

  • Review: The iPhone XS Max is what Apple has always promised the iPhone could be

    Who is to say that Apple will not make a device that is much smaller than the new Xs series phones ?  We simply do not know.
    It will not be difficult for them to make a small phone , Star Trek Communicator, that will do much more than today's phone, except for the display.
    I just received my Series 4 watch and it is a nice device.  I can hear and be heard better on it than on my iPhone.  One day Apple will pull a solar charging display out of a hat and the watch battery will last much longer .
    Actually, I prefer the smaller phone, a larger keyboard as on my old MacBook Air, or 13 or 15 " Mac.
    Software is the real name of the game.  No software, no Sale.  No reason to have a computer , because I sure as heck am not going to rack my brain trying to write some code at my age.  I remember the Apple 1, 2 , 3, the Mac in a Box, etc and the Watch is a small Miracle - with more to come.'

    No one knows what Steve Jobs would want today.  Even Steve would be impressed or maybe I don't really know that !

  • Apple & US carriers partner on 200GB iCloud promo ahead of new iPhones

    Without Adequate iCloud Storage, iOS & OSx just don't work.  I don't mind paying for cloud storage if Apple wants me to pay, but without iCloud, one might as well say the OS's don't work correctly.  What I really want is a high speed ISP connection with little to no delay or jitter , with reasonable matching upload & download speeds.  The business of cable and others doing what they want without regard to the needs of the customer is past being funny.  My iCloud is  problem  because I have Cable problems.  The gamers are using up all of the pipe or they have too many customers on the cable (pipe).  I may have to switch back to DSL just to get a normal ISP signal I can depend upon.  Cable and iCloud don't go together in this small town.
  • Apple says mic problem affecting some iPhone 7 models with iOS 11.3 or later

    What I have reported many times to Apple and AppleCare is the hearing difficulty many people have on their iPhones.   I have 2 now & have had more than I ca remember.   There have been similar problem all of the phones with no fix coming out of Apple.  My hearing tests are fine.  The phones of the competitors are fine when it comes to hearing. In fact, Samsung & others are better - I hate to say it because I know Apple has spent "tons of diamonds" on their products.  No improvement when it comes to hearing or taking on the iPhones.  They have acoustic labs that others would love to have.  The Primary Purpose of the Phone is to be able to Talk and take the Place of the Land Line.  But it is inferior.  Just test the iPhones and compare them to the land line phones or the cell phone competition.  I can do it for them, but I am too busy with what I do.  I only have a "Ream of Apple Stock Certificates" - so I am not important enough. Apple has to be almost perfect in every way.  I route / make my cell calls on over my Mac.  It is better than the iPhone . Period.  It works great, but the iPhone speakers are not that great.  I understand the logistics of not being to get the parts in the quantities you need. In the old days , they did not have the money or the credit to get what they wanted or needed.  Now they have all the money and they cannot get the parts they need or want.  The best ones cannot be delivered in the quantities that Apple Needs - So they Design the best chips to do the jobs they need.  Great Logistics Planning on Apple's Part.  If we cannot buy the parts or they are not good enough , we will just design them and build them or get a factory to do it - even if we have to put Millions of $ toward doing it.  They are the best. The A Series chips are smoking , as are Apple's other designs.  The power management chips will be better than anything they have to purchase.  The Display technology will be the best for the $'s and the needs.   Their Cell Chips will  be better than what they have to buy from QualCom.  QualCom is shaking in their boots as is Intel.  If you can give it a little time (not months or days) it will all happen and will smoke the others. 

    I just want to be able to use the Phone to converse.  So I will get the next Apple Wireless EarPlugs and the Next Watch and the Next Computer with a wide screen meets my needs and it better not have this stupid keyboard that they have introduced in the past few years.  I touch type and it is terrible for me.  The key travel is off.  The distance between the keys is off.  It will not be a 12" screen MacBook.  I often use the other ones I have.  

    Need I had the iPads are great.  But I want to run some A series Apps on my Mac.  The mouse pointer would be fine.  Either do it in software with they can already do in the lab or put an A Series in with an AMD or Intel chip or Run iOS and MacOS on a new A series chip. Before I die will be best.

    I Love and am Heavy Apple.