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  • Apple moving 'Documents & Data' to iCloud Drive in 2022

    I sincerely hope that MacOS does not get dumbed down to the iOS level.  I want to understand what is going on with my files, etc.
  • Apple tightens partner security rules, forbids facial recognition of its employees

    Smart Idea.  I am sure Apple Knows where to "locate" Staff - Apple Tags, etc.  Not our problem - they have to maintian security of the factories and the suppliers - we do not.  
  • Intel wants to manufacture Apple Silicon

    Apple will not do anything stupid , if they can help it.  They have an advantage or two, and hopefully will not give this up.  Intel has been behind for a long time in Manufacturing the small nanometer , low-power chips. They have to do something.  I don't lke to see the US behind and dependent upon other countries .  There is such a thing as being too generous.  So Far, TSMC has done a great job - Intel has not.  Intel has not met schedules, etc. and each time has caused Apple problems.  The M Series is Apple pulling ahead based upon their acquisitions of the last decade.  They are focused.  
  • Mark Zuckerberg claims Apple's App Store charges 'monopoly rents,' stifles innovation

    I know the answer to this as well as everyone else.  Mark Zuckerberg is a big babbling baby. As said above, Apple kickstarted the industry that we have today.  Zuckerberg would not have much if it had not been "juiced up" by Apple.  Apple does not have the majority of products or users in this space. Android has the market sewed up.  Apple is a minority player, but Apple is in great shape after being kicked around or struggling for years.  They made it . . . Facebook is in an entirely different business.  Do I detect a little hint of bad something rotten with Zuckerberg.  

    Apple is a hardware & software company that primarily sells hardware; they are demanding.  The "Security & Functionality" of the hardware is paramount.  They don't like to release products that might be flawed.  They also, do not want other players to come to the platform with flawed products that may make their products seem inferior. Thus, if the "others" want to run on Apple Hardware, they must follow Apple's Rules which have a reason for being. If the "others" want to run on Apple's platform, they have to comply with certain rules that Apple demands of itself : it's hardware & software are designed to play well.  Those who come from elsewhere always want to claim foul.  Apple releases information for compliance as soon as possible, but not before it is necessary or too far in advance.  

    Therefore there will always be those like Zuckerberg that fuss & whine , hoping the courts of justice or public opinion will rule in their favor.  I use Facebook as an example that can be easily followed.  

    Boo Hoo.
  • 27-inch iMac flash storage cannot be replaced or upgraded

    It is quite an Interesting Set of Questions ... I would pose this question to be pondered :  How else would you provide a Very Elegant Solution to the Data Security Problem.  Apple's combination of Solutions will work across their entire OS spectrum.  Now & in the future.  I do realize that not everyone wants or needs secure data . . .  or do we ?  This is pretty secure at an inexpensive price.  They have thought out the future beyond several iterations of hardware & software.  

    What we buy today & drool over is not what will be here in 2-3 years, but it will work.