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  • Satechi GaN USB-C Wall Chargers: faster, better, cheaper

    Another great feature of both of the two 3-port chargers in the article are that all of the ports are truly PD (Power Delivery) and therefore able to negotiate voltages other than 5V and therefore can all provide more than 15W with PD capable devices. 


    Many of the other portable multi-port chargers from various providers on Amazon, or wherever, say that they are PD, which they probably are, but as soon as you plug in a second cable or device, all of the ports revert to, or stay at 5V with a maximum of 15W or less, and they don’t always say so in the big or small print. 
  • Apple releases iOS 11.4.1, HomePod 11.4.1, tvOS 11.4.1 & watchOS 4.3.2 [u]

    How come in 2018 there is STILL no way to search for an app and delete it in that search?!  Basic functionality still not in iOS, very frustrating!!!
    To manage or delete iOS Apps go to settings->iPhone Storage, wait for your Apps to load, then manage from there. 
  • Read the fine print of Apple Card's customer agreement

    How can that be anticompetitive? Most airline affiliated cards give more miles or points for charges for their own services. So do many store affiliated cards. 
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  • Mastercard signals end of magnetic stripe on credit cards

    Who’s Responsible for Fraud with EMV Cards in the U.S.?

    For the consumer, nothing really changes when it comes to fraud liability with EMV cards. You won’t be held liable for fraudulent transactions in most cases, as long as you alert your card issuer.

    Liability for fraud usually rests with the card issuer or payment processor, depending on the specific terms of the account. However, since the transition to EMV technology, fraud liability now lies with the “least-EMV compliant party,” which in some cases might be the merchant. This basically means that if the merchant didn’t install a new EMV system and people are forced to use the mag stripe, the merchant will be held liable for fraud if it occurs.

    There are currently four important dates in what is known as the “EMV liability shift:”

    • October 1st, 2015: Liability for fraud for most card present transactions switched to the least-EMV compliant party (excludes automated fuel dispensers at gas stations).
    • October 1st, 2016: ATMs were included in the new liability rules, with the least-compliant party being held liable.
    • October 1st, 2017: Automated fuel dispensers at gas stations were set to be included in the liability shift, but in 2016 this date was moved three years back.
    • October 1st, 2020: Automated fuel dispensers at gas stations will be included in the new liability rules.

    So October 2020 was the new date at which all card present transactions in the U.S. will be held to these standards, including automated fuel dispensers.

  • RCS is still half-baked, and Apple has no reason to adopt it

    Here is a link that has some history on RCS, but doesn’t tell the whole story:


    Unfortunately, even though the three major carriers in the US have adopted it for Android phones, they are still trying to monetize it and RCS still only works within each carrier. It appears that each carrier has to partner with Google and I doubt that it is free. This is what I found on AT&T:

    • How much does Advanced Messaging cost?
      Standard MMS and SMS rates apply based on your current AT&T rate plan. If you are on a plan that includes an unlimited number of texts, you will not incur any additional charges when you use Advanced Messaging.For capped Messaging plans or Pay-Per-Use customers, you will also be billed at your current messaging rates. But please note, if you send a message with multiple attachments with Advanced Messaging, each file you attach as well as your text will be counted and billed as individual messages.For example, if you type a text message and attach 2 photos, those would count as 3 separate messages (1 SMS and 2 MMS) for billing purposes. Files can be photos, videos, contacts, calendar items, or anything else you attach to your text message.
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  • Apple appeals UK mobile browser investigation by attacking the word 'shall'

    Check out this article that shall may give you a better understanding:


  • Apple 35W Dual USB-C power adapters available to order

    These Apple charging adapters are USB-C PD (Power Delivery). PD is the standard from the USB-IF and is what EU is mandating in their new regulations for fast charging or for charging above 15 watts. All Apple devices that include fast charging or require more than 15 watts have PD.

    Many Anker and other charging adaptors do not have PD, instead they have what they call IQ which means that the voltage will not change and therefore they are limited to 5 volts and therefore 15 watts. So yes, 15 watts is better and faster than 5, 10, or 12 watts, but this is not considered fast charging. 

    What we don’t know is how the two ports share the 35 watts when two connectors are attached? Probably port 1 max 20w, port 2 max 15w?
  • 10.9-inch iPad review roundup: Strange compromises, oddly placed in Apple's lineup

    Another compromise is that the USB-C port is the slow USB 2.0 (480Mbps) and not the USB 3.1 Gen 2 (up to 10Gbps) that is on the latest iPad Air.

    I wonder which spec Apple will include with iPhones when they switch them to USB-C?
  • iPhone & AirPods will require USB-C for charging in the EU by late 2024

    I have attached the June 2020 fact sheet for the EU announcement. 

    Apple has been part of the USB-IF since it was formed and I presume it hasn’t always gotten its way, but it will adapt. Other OEMs are going to have to make bigger changes such as adding USB PD along with or in place of QC to their devices sold in the EU. 

    The bottom line is that it’s win win for all of us. 
  • Mark Zuckerberg may have lied to Congress about who can see WhatsApp messages

    So if I forward a screen snap of my WhatsApp conservation to somebody else, does that mean that Mark Z is lying to Congress under oath and is committing a felony?