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  • Apple releases iOS 11.4.1, HomePod 11.4.1, tvOS 11.4.1 & watchOS 4.3.2 [u]

    How come in 2018 there is STILL no way to search for an app and delete it in that search?!  Basic functionality still not in iOS, very frustrating!!!
    To manage or delete iOS Apps go to settings->iPhone Storage, wait for your Apps to load, then manage from there. 
  • Read the fine print of Apple Card's customer agreement

    How can that be anticompetitive? Most airline affiliated cards give more miles or points for charges for their own services. So do many store affiliated cards. 
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  • Mastercard signals end of magnetic stripe on credit cards

    Who’s Responsible for Fraud with EMV Cards in the U.S.?

    For the consumer, nothing really changes when it comes to fraud liability with EMV cards. You won’t be held liable for fraudulent transactions in most cases, as long as you alert your card issuer.

    Liability for fraud usually rests with the card issuer or payment processor, depending on the specific terms of the account. However, since the transition to EMV technology, fraud liability now lies with the “least-EMV compliant party,” which in some cases might be the merchant. This basically means that if the merchant didn’t install a new EMV system and people are forced to use the mag stripe, the merchant will be held liable for fraud if it occurs.

    There are currently four important dates in what is known as the “EMV liability shift:”

    • October 1st, 2015: Liability for fraud for most card present transactions switched to the least-EMV compliant party (excludes automated fuel dispensers at gas stations).
    • October 1st, 2016: ATMs were included in the new liability rules, with the least-compliant party being held liable.
    • October 1st, 2017: Automated fuel dispensers at gas stations were set to be included in the liability shift, but in 2016 this date was moved three years back.
    • October 1st, 2020: Automated fuel dispensers at gas stations will be included in the new liability rules.

    So October 2020 was the new date at which all card present transactions in the U.S. will be held to these standards, including automated fuel dispensers.

  • New 2nd-gen Siri Remote backward compatible with older Apple TVs, available for $59

    Looks good and resolves most of the criticisms. 1.) Now has IR and power button to control other devices. 2.) Now has mute button. 3.) Now has more friendly circular clickpad. 4.) Now has almost twice the depth or thickness so it’s easier to hold. 5.) Now easy to figure out the top from the bottom. 
  • Mark Zuckerberg may have lied to Congress about who can see WhatsApp messages

    So if I forward a screen snap of my WhatsApp conservation to somebody else, does that mean that Mark Z is lying to Congress under oath and is committing a felony?
  • Are the iPhone 13 differences that noticeable?

    Apple did not increase the prices this year! In fact they decreased the price of both the iPhone 13 and Mini by $30 while doubling the base storage capacity. 
  • Apple Pay limit to increase to GBP 100 from October 15 in UK

    From a UK article back in 2017:

    Apple Pay doesn’t face that limit, because it’s more secure than a traditional contactless payment, but not all terminals were upgraded to distinguish the difference. Now, over half can, which could accelerate Apple Pay’s gains in the UK.”
  • Why you should buy Apple's MagSafe battery pack

    Here is a different perspective on buying and using Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack:

    For your every day charger do you want to buy and use the $39 MagSafe Charger or the $99 MagSafe Battery Pack for $60 more, or neither?

    • If your power goes out you have the backup battery fully charged
    • If you want to take it with you just disconnect it and take it with you as with any other backup charger
    • It has reverse charging capabilities and CarPlay connectivity (Complicated but could be useful)
    CON - Although you normally don’t want to keep a device with a lithium battery plugged in all the time which might reduce the life of the MagSafe Battery, it does in fact have Apple’s charge management features. 

    The Apple MagSafe Battery Pack is not the best battery pack out there, and when used in the wild (not connected to power) it will only charge at 5W like many other portable chargers. 
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  • FCC launches official speed test app for broadband data collection program

    The App that comes up has been around for 7 years?
  • Sweden owes $1.5M to convicted drug dealers in bitcoin blunder


    What if the price of Bitcoin had gone down, would the criminals have had to pay them the difference? Not likely. There is no mention of any court having ruled one way or the other? Stupid story.