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  • Apple working on breakthrough glucose sensors for Apple Watch, report says

    I'm a Garmin Forerunner 235 user at the moment, but having this in the Apple Watch would get me to buy one. I'm a "well-controlled" Type II diabetic (yay, Metformin!), and anything that reduces the number of times I have to poke my fingers with something sharp each day is a HUGE selling point. As my endocrinologist points out, we don't know what happens during the time between readings, and my blood glucose could be all over the place or super steady. A non-invasive way to watch the BG response to different foods, different medications, etc. would be...pretty substantial to me.
  • Microsoft's Surface Duo suffers a Face ID-style demo failure, nobody cares

    I hear every day that their Windows-based Surfaces are the bomb, and that any day now they will put Apple out of business by stealing iPad and premium laptop sales...this news confuses me! :)

    But really, seriously - Microsoft already has a mobile OS - the old Windows Phone - and a "hybrid" OS in Windows 10/Windows RT.  Why on earth are they building an Android-based anything?
  • Review: Flash 2.0 USB-C Graphene 210W Power Bank is powerful but costly

    Compared to a typical 20,000 mAh battery pack, the Flash 2.0 is larger (18.24 cubic inches vs. 14.26 cubic inches), heavier (17oz vs 14oz), and about four times more expensive.  It seems that the other claim to fame for this battery pack is charge/discharge speed, since my USB-C battery pack of similar capacity won't charge in an hour .  It also appears that the graphene batteries are supposed to support more charge/discharge cycles than traditional lithium ion/lithium polymer batteries, though it's painfully difficult to get a straight answer on such things.
  • ARM Mac coming in first half of 2021, says Ming-Chi Kuo

    tmay said:

    ARM is intended to drive costs down, with better battery life, for a lower price point. That says Mac Book or Mac Book Air, not desktops. I'd argue that there is a significant proportion of Mac users who have never needed X86 compatibility, I certainly haven't, so eliminate it from initial products. Let current Mac developers reap the benefit of providing new capabilities and opportunities to ARM Mac users.
    Totally agree that the 12" Retina MacBook is the form factor to be looking for here.  You could make it even thinner and lighter while retaining the terrible keyboard! :smile:
  • Apple TV+ shares first look feature of 'For All Mankind' season two

    For All Mankind is the only thing I've watched on AppleTV+.  Looking forward to Season 2.