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  • Apple announces thinner MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, Touch ID, USB-C ports starting at $1799

    Solid evolution of the MBP and looking forward... BUT!!! This is a "Pro" machine and they talk about doing serious creative work... in my case I easily use 30+GB with everything open... They could have offered a 32GB RAM upgrade... as a Pro making my living off of my machine I would have paid their insane RAM upgrade prices (with those margins) for it. Apple is more interested in their new "Pros".... Kardashians and Chinese fashionistas I guess
  • AT&T might halt Samsung Galaxy Note 7 sales due to safety risks, other carriers offer swaps

    Rinsen said:
    Bull shit.y these people are creating such lies.i have used the old note 7 as well as the new safe note 7.i didnt get any issues.wonderfull phone.i phone 7 has lot of issues.but still they didnt have the gut to accept did.thats da way a company should be.we salute samsung and always with them
    My ex's grandparents lived in Nazi Germany and weren't exterminated... These people creating such lies about the holocaust... see how completely devoid of logic your "logic" is?

    And relating to Nazi Germany and blind obedience, what kind of Samsung salute did you have in mind?
  • Apple poaching GPU designer Imagination Technologies' talent, hiring key personnel away

    And would also make sense if they want to create a turbo SoC version for Macs (bailing on Intel in some years)... though the volumes aren't as high, still synergies and given Intel margins would been a strong ROI contributor.
  • Apple SVP Eddy Cue sells $37.5M in AAPL stock

    lkrupp said:
    Now he needs to leave. He's had his day in the sun and so many poor decisions have been made under his stewardship. Get some new people in there who can move the needle on Apple Music, Maps and more!
    No, you need to leave this forum. You have no idea how to run Apple and never will.  All you do is bitch.
    Yeah because you just want delusional fanboy fanatics that are never critical of AAPL or the execs regardless of actual facts and looking at the state of the ecosystem... Seems like the 1984 Mac commercial has come full circle, with the fanboys in the chair looking at Cook & Co on the big, dark screen. Sad that the lady with the hammer seems to be Microsoft these days.

    "All you do is bitch."
    All you do is submit to the will of AAPL and the Great Leaders...
  • Review: Apple's late-2016 15" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

    macxpress said:
    Let the continuous bitching go on about how much this MacBook Pro sucks...Yes, we know it doesn't support 32GB even though you don't need it....
    Well everyone in the my studio right now is running with over 16GB being used (I myself am using 30GB...) so YOU may not needed, but serious pros do... of course your definition of a pro user is a Kardashian or Chinese fashionista... and digital creatives and those writing apps for them aren't "pros" i guess... a niche market... of course that's the base that were Apple's biggest fans... your new power users are style junkies that will flock to the next shinny brand at the drop of a hat.

    We're planning out a migration now to PCs (and are lamenting it... I've been an Apple fan boy since the first West Coast computer faire and Woz was a mentor to my electronics club in high school)... In this studio it represents about 100k of lost upgrade  revenue... nothing for Apple and the fashionistas will more than make up for it today... but when they decide that some other brand is cool they'll be gone and the real pro, power user base will have moved to machines that have a product range that can support their needs.

    You need to feed your base... Apple should learn from the 2016 election that arrogance and complacency can bite even a "sure thing" lead in the butt.

    And a $300 coffee table book just reinforces this whole nonsense... I was inside AAPL during the Sculley era and as depressing as it was to go through, this direction feels even worse for the long term
    avon b7
  • 'Designed by Apple in California' book released in $200 and $300 editions [u]

    sog35 said:
    So this is what Tim Cook was wasting his time on instead of giving us new MacPro, MacMini, and iMac.

    I'm getting sick and tired of Tim Cook's indulgent worship of the past. I can see this same attitude in the new headquarters. Instead of getting us a brand new redesigned iPhone7 we get a rehash of a 3 year old phone.  Instead of giving us a home assistant like Echo, we get this ridiculous self worshiping book that cost $300.
    Indeed... and given your comment has more dislikes than likes shows that Apple fanboys have their heads in the sand (or actually up somewhere else)... and no Mac Pro, mini upgrades.  Or they could have worked with LG and put that 5k monitor into something that doesn't look like crap.

    For sure they can do this and other things... it just shows where the priorities and vision (or lack thereof) is... they're seeing their future as fashion brand... which in the short term makes sense as they can improve their margins even more... but once the Kardashians and fashionistas decide there's the next shinny brand then APPL is toast... which is pretty much the history of the companies that went down this route before (Sony, Nokia in many regards, etc)
    tallest skil
  • 'Designed by Apple in California' book released in $200 and $300 editions [u]

    macxpress said:
    sog35 said:
    So this is what Tim Cook was wasting his time on instead of giving us new MacPro, MacMini, and iMac.
    So tell us Mr I can run a company better than anyone else...what processor do you expect them to use in those products? If you say use the processor thats in the new MacBook Pro for either the iMac or the MacMini thats absolutely the WRONG answer!
    Ok Mr. Arrogant fanboy time for your spanking from a designer with a EE/CompSci degree who's ex-Apple and knew both Jobs and Woz:

    This decision should be a < 1 hour meeting at Apple... the only excuse is we want to milk fanboys that will drool over anything we do and accept an aging POS (could use posts from this sight as an example of that blind loyalty)

    Partial examples (could be more detailed, but only have so much time to waste with fanatics):

    MacPro: From Xeon E5v2 -> at least v3 (e.g. top end could be the E5-2699V3 which still fits the 145W TDP in the nMP) the v4 series is even better (and if you want obscene with price to match the 22 core E5-4669V4). Upgrade bus/RAM speeds and interfaces. Also update the ports, and the GPU/SSD really is embarrassing now... these would be fairly easy engineering tasks that even I can take on today (and I shouldn't be qualified to be a senior Apple hardware engineer).

    MacMini - Any modern i7... and quad-core... that's a no brainer.

    The iMac is okay so will give you that one... would like the 5k to have display target mode

  • Tim Cook email response tells sender to 'stay tuned' for Mac refresh

    jahaja said:
    Am just happy i dont read the comments on macrumors. What a lost site and lost audience... all soaked up in negativity. Sad. 
    You mean they've lost they're absolute, fanatical Apple can do no wrong lunacy POV that many here have (likely due to not being homeless on retirement is dependent on the APPL stock price)... then yeah.

    What's been going on with the Mac is a disgrace... I've been heavy into Apple from a industry, employee, stock and personal friends perspective since 1977 and even I'm willing to call them out when they've lost it (remember the first post-Jobs era?)
  • OWC announces Thunderbolt 3 Dock with ports galore, returns functionality to new MacBook Pro

    So why can't Apple come out with a beautiful, kick-ass, Apple supported, it-just-works dock to sell with their device (you know they'd charge $499 and folks would be happy to pay it to ensure their set-up is matched).

    I guess because all those ports are just looking backward... clearly I have no courage... you know wanting to do my job today as well as possible, get paid, pay the bills (something clearly Apple execs have no knowledge or interest in)
  • Angela Ahrendts interview addresses Apple retail refurb, town square concept successes

    ireland said:
    sog35 said:
    2 years on the job

    $100+ million in compensation

    pretty much nothing to show
    You cannot be serious? You've jumped off the deep end sog. She's one of the most inspiring leaders I've ever known of. Apple's new stores are the most beautiful stores I've ever seen. Her vision and clarity and taste and sensibleness are nothing short of amazing. She is a great individual.
    And they were crap before she was there? $100 million for some pretty obvious tweaks and frankly not much retail innovation (my g-friend is a global retail expert and has plenty of insight... says she hasn't contributed anything that a senior retail consultant couldn't manage... for about $400k a year).

    "She's one of the most inspiring leaders I've ever known of"... your bar is seriously low... you'd give McDs a Michelin star