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  • Everything new in tvOS 12: Over 20 new features for Apple TV

    So the only real major “miss” I can think of with the remote is....  Mute.  Where is the mute button? Now I know that you could just simply hit pause… But seems to be one of the most basic functions of a remote.   This usually just happens when I’m watching TV, maybe watching a live sports program… And the wife needs to take a phone call. I’m just really surprised that there isn’t that function built into the remote. I like the simplicity of the remote but it’s generally difficult to handle… And just seems rather lacking compared to various competitors. 
  • Apple Maps vs Google Maps - smartphone mapping titans battle it out in 2020

    Eric_WVGG said:
    This article is overlooking some very serious issues with hardware lock-in.

    If you want maps or directions on your Apple Watch or AirPods, it has to be Apple Maps. These use private APIs in a way that is arguably anticompetitive. 

    Meanwhile, if you want directions for bicycling that won’t get you killed, you’re stuck with Google Maps. Apple will either send you the wrong way up one-way streets if you pretend to be a pedestrian, or up freeways if you pretend to be a car. 
    Not sure about this... Google used to provide this on the Apple Watch and they chose to remove support...  and if you have an iPhone why wouldn’t you want an Apple Watch? If you have an android get one of the 321 watch options (or the 8 left that are actually supported).  Not buying the “Hardware lock-In” really... at least not as a serious issue anyway. 

    While I don’t ride a bike, so cannot comment on such, I can say that I’ve been won over by Apple Maps as of late.  I find the overall data more accurate... and I’m tired of Google/Waze taking me down every damn back alley or parking lot to shave off an extra 10 seconds.  

    Apple Maps can easily become the daily driver for any iPhone user.  It actually is better in a few ways...  when I travel I often compare the two out of curiosity... mainly to find restaurants:) 

    For me, Apple Maps even gets lane closures and traffic before/more accurately than Google from time to time... Google is still great don’t get me wrong... I’ve just found the simplicity of Apple Maps to be my preference.  Kinda like I use Google/Chrome to do a web search over the “Google App”... because, I just want it to do what I want. 
  • Senate Commerce Committee grills tech CEOs on content moderation, bias

    Point of clarification... this wasn’t a Zoom call. It was a Webex conference.  
  • Apple Maps vs Google Maps - smartphone mapping titans battle it out in 2020

    Google does let you download maps for offline use, which is another privacy loophole for users.
    I'm a little confused by this - how does downloading a map for offline use reveal personal information?
    I believe they mean you can download maps and map areas, and not allow the app to track you.  So you can use the data as needed without privacy concerns around what you’re looking at.