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  • Apple AirPort not on latest 'Vault 7' list of gear susceptible to factory firmware hack by...

    Yes it's so true about the AirPort Extreme Router. I have never had an issue with it and it works the best. I had ATT routers that were given to me free but they were useless. I don't understand why Apple wants to eliminate such excellent hardware.
  • Comparison: Which Apple MacBook is right for you?

    For the money I have found that the MacBook Air is the better choice. I know that Apple will be no longer be making this laptop but I as well as my family have purchased 4 and love everyone of them. For what we need a laptop for you can't beat them. I don't mind a less sharper screen. I do mind that the new Pros and MacBooks do not support USB items without an adapter. The Air is still very fast. I mean how fast do you really need to open a program? I think Apple has lost their way with customer needs and satisfaction. This is from a person that has had and still have Apple products for 30 years.
  • A future iPhone could lose the notch with light transmitting windows in the screen

    I have never understood the issue some individuals have with the notch? Is it so inconvenient? Is it that aesthetically horrible? I am sure that eventually the notch will disappear when Apple can successfully advance improved designs and hardware. 
  • HomePod 'Hey Siri' responses to AirPods ad prompts complaints

    I think people who complain about this need to get a life! I agree with the above comments that some people just love to complain and vent when there is really nothing there but a funny incident. 
  • Apple axes Wi-Fi router division, apparently signaling the end of AirPort

    I am starting to question Apple's Management... Their router has been the best in my opinion with my Apple products. Friends of mine have switched over because of the crappy other routers. MacBook Pros with no USB.. no slots for pics... Now this... and I have been seeing Rumors that Apple might discontinue the MacBook Air... Not the customer friendly company that I have known as an Apple supporter and user for 30 years... Maybe top management changes are needed to right the ship....