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  • Apple's headset drastically changed over time & top execs are skeptical

    It's not a device IMHO that is very appealing to the majority of the Apple family. If true that the AR Headset is designed as ski googles, although I do snow ski, I would not wear the AR Headset walking around.. I guess it has a niche in the Apple ecosystem...

  • 'AirPods Pro 2' rumored to launch Q3 2022

    6 hours extended battery life would be nice. I currently get 4 hours before I use the case to recharge. Other than that I love the sound and the noise cancellation quality of the Pros.
  • Microsoft is closing all of its retail stores, permanently

    The Coronavirus Pandemic was a perfect excuse for Microsoft to finally close its underperforming stores. Realistically Microsoft has never been able to compete hardware wise with its' competitors. To me the X Box is their main bread and butter for hardware. Surface is... well just Surface. It lags way behind the iPad and other Apple products. Software is their game and they do a pretty good job at that. Someone mentioned that there are a lot of people milling about in Apple stores that should not be there..I have no idea what that means. Apple stores want people to come and "mill about" to see all the products and get hands on information and physically try laptops, iPhones, iPads, and such... It's easy to make an appointment with the genius bar online, you are checked in at the front and have a location to wait until you are called. If Microsoft stores were so good and consumer friendly why did Microsoft throw in the towel and take almost a 1/2 billion dollar write off? 
  • A future iPhone could lose the notch with light transmitting windows in the screen

    I have never understood the issue some individuals have with the notch? Is it so inconvenient? Is it that aesthetically horrible? I am sure that eventually the notch will disappear when Apple can successfully advance improved designs and hardware. 
  • HomePod 'Hey Siri' responses to AirPods ad prompts complaints

    I think people who complain about this need to get a life! I agree with the above comments that some people just love to complain and vent when there is really nothing there but a funny incident.