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  • Apple may not use mechanical switches in a future MacBook keyboard at all

    Reminds me of those optical switches used in some keyboards, this concept may be possible to go mass-production.

  • Apple's new Mac Pro internal components - answers and lingering questions [u]

    karmadave said:
    - Limited to AMD graphics (and only 2 x GPU's). Nvidia is the leader in high-end GPU's and I'm surprised Apple doesn't support ANY of their products on this platform. Maybe that's coming in the future? This must have been a topic at WWDC... 
    Did you mean "two graphics card" instead of "two GPUs"?  I never saw any graphics card with more than two GPUs.
    - Limited to 2 internal drive bays. Kind of a head scratcher. Most high end professional workstations offer up to 8 (or more) internal drives + RAID.
    That's what RAID cards for, isn't it?  Even a 4x slot will be adequate for 8 drives (at least bandwidth wise).
    Apple's new 6K XDR monitor is cool, but you can buy an 8K XDR monitor, for around $3,500, while Apple's 6K monitor starts at $5,000.
    I only knew 8K HDR as prototypes, and all having issues with bandwidth.  Rest of the 8K monitors doesn't offer HDR were because of that.
  • Leak claims to show schematic for 2019's upcoming 'iPhone XI'

    I'm sorry, but there's no way for Chinese people to take the name "iPhone XI" seriously...

  • iPhone 11 Pro & iPhone 11 Pro Max -- Hands on and first impressions

    sflocal said:
    I need a better phone, not a computer, not a tracker
    better battery , rugged , not burdened by complications that drift attention far from the tasks at hand
    without "features" that only add complexity.
    Get the core solid
    it ain't
     I don't walk around staring into my hand , like Narcissus into the pond.
    Go back to the Design philosophy you abandoned years ago.
    You are high on your own gas


    That's just hideous, the first time I've seen someone who gets angry when the hardware improves.

    You may also hold your 6502 and throw away your i7 craps, they're horribly inefficient, who the heck needs GUI when you can run BASIC programs in a loop?
  • What to expect at Apple's new iPhone 11 event today - and what not to

    Soli said:
    iPhone Pro sounds so stupid for a casual mass consumer product. Pro makes sense for Macs and work/media creation devices. It's what makes the iPad so beautiful. It's casual AND a workhorse for industrial/media applications.

    All I care about is the date since rumors ruin the surprise.

    Also PLEASE a new Apple TV with A12x to welcome Apple Arcade.
    1) Macs are mass produced consumer devices.

    2) Casual is a ridiculously limited view of what a smartphone can do and what it's used for.

    3) I couldn't give a shit what a product is called so long as it has the features I want and need at a price point I find agreeable. They can call it the iPhone Pro Mate S10 Galaxy poop:emoji for all I care.
    Can't do both with iPhone...... nor would I want to.
    That's the problem.
  • Apple may switch butterfly keyboard for scissor version in MacBook Air

    Well, as long they’re not going back to the past then I’ll be fine.
    There are several things that’s great in the butterfly keyboard, dropping them won’t be a wise move:

    - more efficient and precise backlighting.
    - stable keys.
    - curve on keycaps are much noticeable.
    - more tactile (while having shorter travel).
    - overall smaller footprint, less parts to make.
  • Intel refreshes H-series processor used in 2018 MacBook Pro, still 14nm

    chasm said:
    To Tomahawk's point, I am quite confident that Apple will continue to offer Intel chips as an option for Bootcamp users even well after they start the move to ARM-based chips. For those people bashing Intel for not moving on from 14nm, I would remind you of two things:

    1. Desktop/notebook chips are a very different class of chip than mobile chips, so the comparison to TSMC's achievements is all but moot. There's a reason why this transition, when it happens, will take a good long while to complete. Desktop/notebook chips do a LOT more "stuff" than mobile chips.

    2. AMD hasn't "moved on" from 14nm chips either, last I looked.

    That said, Intel is supposed to be industry leader and should, by its own admission, be further along on 10nm than it is, so they deserve some criticism. But particularly with the x86 baggage these chips carry, don't be surprised if 10nm stays the standard in the desktop/notebook space for quite some years, once affordably achieved.
    There shouldn't be any difference in current Apple's architecture, for Macs, it should be as simple as adding more cores.  I also doubt the importance of Boot Camp, most people bought Macs because they want to use it like a Mac.

    Speaking of AMD, Zen 2 will be 7nm, and it will be here no later this year.  It most likely will be two 8-core CPU die on the same board.


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  • Confusion reigns over iPhone 11 Pro RAM, benchmarking tests

    goofy1958 said:
    Apple really should disclose this info in their tech specs section. Not sure why they do not. Should be no secret. Processor,ram and storage space should all be disclosed when people click on tech specs. This should not be a hidden secret that people have to search for. Imagine having to search for this info when buying a Mcbook Pro :o
    Maybe because the amount of RAM in a phone does not really matter to anyone but spec junkies that like to claim that a phone with 8GB of RAM is better than a phone with 4 or 6GB of RAM, which is patently false.  The amount of RAM in a MacBook Pro IS needed depending on what you are going to use it for.
    I think it’s because Apple used to skimp out on RAM and didn’t want to call attention to it. I remember having the first iPad Air. The memory management was awful. Safari tabs would constantly re-load. People who own an iPhone 6 (still with 1GB RAM) has similar issues with apps refreshing all the time.
    That's not "horrible memory management" but rather the hardware limit.  Android, on the other hand, does have a "horrible management" to begin with.
  • How to choose which iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro to buy

    spice-boy said:

    spice-boy said:
    I was disappointed that Apple chose to continue with glass backs on these new models. 
    What an intelligent comment. Be sure to tell Apple engineering how they could be doing so much better. 
    HOW is my comment which is based on my experience with a cracked back iPhone XS not and intelligent comment?  Some of you guys are unbelievable in your defense of Apple the way religious zealots go after doubters. Why don't you give me the phone # of one of the engineers since you are apparently in with Apple somehow. 
    Yeah, 7000 aluminum is tough, but people call it "ugly, boring", and "the design is doomed."  You got what you wanted.
  • iPhone 11 Pro & iPhone 11 Pro Max -- Hands on and first impressions

    rinosaur said:
    That camera design is absolutely atrocious... Apple design really going downhill :neutral: 
    Apple has been accused of form over function for a very long time and in some instances I agreed. But they’ve turned around by balancing that a bit more. Think the new Mac Pro - which is back to more function versus an overly fixation on design with the ‘wine bottle cooler generation’ that in the end pros didn’t want.

    The same is visible in the iPhone. The phone cameras has become a primary reason to buy or skip a phone. It is a camera I take 90% of my photos with, despite a DLSR that I have with 5 professional lenses. 
    Function over form is completely justified. People were complaining about the bump Apple introduced years ago, but I don’t expect that same mass critique in 2019 at all. The alternative would be to lose out to Android systems and to offer a subpar photo taking quality / experience. These are the laws of physics. A bump is needed and lenses need to be exposed. What is the alternative, really?
    You don't just think that Functions only means performance?  I'll say that the Mac Pro is a special case -- they haven't done anything for five or six years.