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  • Contradictory report cites 5 Apple wireless charging teams on 'iPhone 8,' no tech breakthr...

    frantisek said:
    I think Apple advantage in this field can be their efficiency and elegance of their inductive charging solution based on patent that relaxes need for strict positioning as mentioned earlier here:
    Apple isn't doing inductive charging with the iPhone. Apple is doing RF-based wireless charging. Even if they didn't get distance-based RF charging, the RF contact charging via Energous chip integration directly into the Dialog power management chips that Apple currently uses is by far the best thing to do. It adds no thickness to the device and the chip is absolutely tiny compared to the coil required for inductive charging. 

    Apple is likely working with Energous to revolutionize wireless charging via distance. It uses 1 tiny chip that is capable of contact clear up to 15 feet of distance charging. Everyone will get contact charging for very cheap and those who want distance will need to buy the transmitter device which I predict is a Siri home device. 
  • Apple's 'iPhone 8' to use 'water drop design' with curved, 3D glass back - report

    mattinoz said:
    Looks like I'll be keeping the 5S till 9 then.
    The justification?
  • Japanese report backs view Apple's 'iPhone 8' will use 5.8-inch OLED display

    sog35 said:
    cornchip said:
    Curious: back in early 2016 did rumors peg the yet-to-be-announced iPhone SE to be called iPhone 7 because it came after the 6S?

    I'm having a real hard time imagining Apple calling the 10th anniversary model "iPhone 8." What a marketing nightmare if Apple released an iPhone 7s and 8 simultaneously. 
    The 10th anniversary model is a special edition, not a successor to the 7s. Duh, right?
    Was just going to say this myself. Or perhaps this "iPhone 8"  is still a year out? I mean, we've been hearing about the mythical OLED iPhone for years now. I'm a little skeptical we'll see an iPhone7s AND an 8/10th anny/completely different model/tech, at the same time. Then again, what the hell do I know?
    It will be called iPhoneX (10th anniversary phone)
    It will be called iPhone (something). A new marketing term to draw attention to the radically new design. This is marketing 101. Same reason Apple made an iPad Air. This iPad Air launched with a much smaller, thinner, and lighter device, and the name drew attention to that, as the name of this iPhone will draw attention to its new design/features.