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  • DriveSavers launches passcode-beating iPhone cracking service for the public

    I call BS on anybody that claims “100 percent success rate” for anything. Snake oil until they show us a PoC with a random security configuration sample set (audited by a 3rd party to ensure no funny business). Also, what is the use case here for a consumer that supposedly has legal access to the data? Dementia, death of a family member, an underage member of the family, etc? The legal ramifications alone make this a sketchy proposition.
  • Apple slapped with lawsuit over Group FaceTime bug

    Pointless lawsuit, just digging for money. Lame. All software..**ALL** software is buggy. Of course, how would a technologically inept person know that? By nature, software inherently is buggy. Nothing would ever release otherwise. Hahahahaha bottom feeders
  • SEC presses charges against GT Advanced & CEO for fraud in iPhone sapphire supply

    lkrupp said:
    evn616 said:
    Big mistake Apple. Who would trust a company/company name with the word “Advanced” in it? This implies that all others without the moniker are inferior. In fact, they are so advanced that they handled their deal well. Quite advanced. Very advanced. Beautiful, clean, advanced sapphire ingot.
    It’s always Apple’s fault somehow, right?
    Not really. Sometimes it’s an act of God.
  • Spotify says Apple a 'monopolist' in escalating war of words

    Spotify has been, in my experience, inferior to Apple Music. I pay for an Apple Music family membership and I am extremely happy. I also have a Pandora family membership and I love it. I find Pandora to be superior to Spotify. In fact, I’m emotionally distraught by Spotify. The writing is on the wall Spotify. With a name like that, you can always change business models and market a stain removal pen for clothing. 👏🏻
  • Apple launches keyboard service program for 'small percentage' of MacBook, MacBook Pro own...

    I have a 2017 MBP 15” with the same problem, specifically with the “B” key. I usually get doubble characters but will sometimes get triple characters or more, upon a single key press. I’ve done all the cleaning and compressed air thing to no avail. The probbblem always comes back. I’ve never had a laptop do this bbefore. Spoke to a advisor about it once at Apple Support and he bbbbasically told me you can’t bbbelieve what you read on the inet and that it’s sometimes exaggerated. Yeah right liar..
  • Apple suggests use of a Mac enclosure that will swell when needed to increase airflow

    Organic engineering comes to mind. How about a MacBook that “sweats” to cool it off? You’ll have to use distilled water so you don’t clog the thin delivery lines.