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  • Apple anticipated to secure 80% of ARM-based laptop market in 2021

    applguy said:
    So Apple is only going to sell 750M worth of Arm based laptops in 2021??? That sounds really, really wrong considering annual Mac sales are in the 30B range. At those estimates Apple Arm laptops are less than 3% of Mac sales. 
    Your review of the graph is off.  The graphic is only for the silicon.  Since Mediatek and Qualcomm does not produce machines, the graphic clearly is based on silicon sales.  So it is likely for the M1 component it could only represent $750 Million.  

    The article probably should have clarified that as I am sure that is just a guess and we would not know how much Apple would charge itself. 
  • How Apple Silicon Macs can supercharge computing in the 2020s

    jcc said:
    This article paints a too rosy picture of the transition. The fact of the matter is that moving away from x86 will end Mac’s “best of both worlds” status. That means no more running Windows software.
    In over 20 years and Thousands of both Mac & Windows Users I have serviced, I have yet to meet ONE person who wants or needs to run Windows on a Mac. It's two separate Worlds plain and simple. Anyone who thinks otherwise is FUBAR.
    Hi my name is John.  Nice to meet you.  

    There, now you have met someone that needs and wants too.   I have dedicated software that I occasionally use that required a Windows based experience, but I prefer a Mac.  So I either spin up Bootcamp or Parallel to run Windows to run the software when needed.  

    So again, Hi...
  • Apple facing new $5.5 billion App Store antitrust lawsuit in the Netherlands

    iOS_Guy80 said:
    I don’t understand these countries chastising and calling Apple a monopoly. If some other individual, entity or company can develop a better smart phone I would be more than interested in considering buying it but until then I want the best phone available which is an iPhone. Don’t penalize Apple or me for owning an iPhone.
    I truly look forward to Apple pulling either their App Store or their phones from a jurisdiction. I wonder how removing one major smartphone company from the marketplace eliminates the "monopoly" problem.
    The problem is if they do that, it likely would bate the belief that they were a monopoly even more.  Apple unfortunately is in a loose loose proposition.
  • DoJ's Apple App Store probe is 'firing on all cylinders'

    mrstep said:
    Apple has grown too big and does not provide enough payola to Washington.
    'That's a nice tech company you have there Tim.. would be a shame if somethin' was to happen to it... '

    Tim just needs to bring Hunter on as a board member to make this all go away.

    I vote he brings on Ivanka.  She is way better to look at🤫🥳
  • Spotify cutting off remaining customers paying through the App Store

    lam92103 said:
    Apple should not be able to dictate what over 53% of American consumers can install on their phones. They should not be able to force companies to bend to their rules or just loose 53% of the mobile market
    Well since In 2012 Apple had it’s walled garden and only 30% market share and the share has grown just over 20% in 10 years seems the customers are voting on how much they appreciate the walled garden approach.  

    Just because personally you would like to “jailbreak” your phone does not mean I want that for myself of my children’s phones.  That’s the joy of a non-monopoly situation, select the company and phone that meets your personal desires.
  • iPhone 13 Pro & iPhone 13 Pro Max review: Exceptional phones but the Pro Max underwhelms

    Sorry but the Max line is still where my money goes.  I don’t care about widget or icon size.  As I put all my apps in folders, an extra row is not a criteria that I am concerned with.  

    For me and my large hands, it is the feel and the large screen size, while being pocketable.  The new IPad Mini does seem enticing to go to a two device system, but I want an all in one device for my daily driver.
  • Brydge relaunches in a new venture with old executives

    Yeah nothing to worry about when a foreclosed company is bought out by the previous person in charge of the money and the former person in charge of sales.  Not like they don’t have years of experience making a company profit….oh shoot😉😂🤣
  • Is Apple's App Store a monopoly or a solution?

    lam92103 said:
    No, I paid for the FULL iPhone, I want to use the FULL iPhone

    Who the heck is Apple to tell me what I can and cannot do with a device I have paid for? They should refund my money, then they can have their device back to do whatever with

    Sounds like you failed to do your research or are a Sweeney troll 🤷‍♂️

  • Inexpensive 'Apple Watch SE' may arrive at Apple's 'Time Flies' event

    dewme said:
    I believe, like others here, that Apple needs an Apple Watch that’s inexpensive enough to buy for all your children.
    The other thing they need to do is decouple the watch from an IPhone so a kid with an iPad or iPod touch can still use all the functions.  

  • DoJ's Apple App Store probe is 'firing on all cylinders'

    avon b7 said:
    avon b7 said:
    charlesn said:
    I will never understand this. Apple has built the company around a walled garden strategy--it is a major reason that people CHOOSE to buy into the Apple ecosystem. And if you don't like the idea of that, whether you're an app user or developer, that's fine--there's a whole wide world of computing and devices other than Apple for you to CHOOSE. It is, in fact, a much bigger world than Apple's. So where is there a monopoly here? Where is there lack of choice? No one buying into the Apple ecosystem wants to see it broken open by government luddites. This isn't opening up the market to choice, this is destroying the choice that exists in the market. 
    The 'monopoly' is on competition (or lack of it). 

    No third party app stores are allowed to exist.

    A walled garden might be fine if its ecosystem were encapsulated and all third party. 

    That isn't the case and the opposite is true. iPhone absolutely requires third party apps to make the product successful. 

    Once you touch the world outside your walled garden (third party app stores, payments, wifi, NFC...) things change. 

    For over a decade Apple has had its cake and eaten it. That's a good run. It's probably coming to an end. 

    The part where you say 'no one wants...' you miss the point. 

    For one, you can't possibly know. Secondly, it is irrelevant. This isn't about what consumers want (or don't want). 

    At the end of the day, whatever happens, you can opt not to use third app stores if they become reality. 

    LOLOL tell us you don't understand without using the words "I don't understand" 
    Remind me how many investigations Apple is dealing with right now on anti-competitive behavior?

    Investigations that are looking so gloomy for Apple that it is already preparing for the impact of their conclusions. 

    And it isn't only Apple that is on the hook. We can say that the tide is turning on certain business practices. 
    Sweeny is that you?  How is yourself imposed ban working out for your shareholders? 🤣😂

    Sorry you don’t understand the concept of an investigation is completely different to Apple is in the wrong. They are under investigation because people don’t like it, not because Apple is operating illegally.  

    Even in the EU, Apple operated legally.  They had to change the law to force Apple to change,  it an anticompetitive order.  

    Please learn something before making statements that clearly show you have done zero research into a matter you are wanting us to believe you know so much about.