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  • How do a pair of HomePods compare to a $180 soundbar?

    Are you sure that audio settings for the movies are not in some surround sound mode?  If there is a simple stereo option that makes a huge difference. I've experienced this on my home audio receiver with very weak audio because other channels are completely missing.
  • Former Facebook employees detail impact of Apple's upcoming anti-tracking privacy feature

    The scary and obscene thing about this technology isn’t it’s use in ads for small businesses. I’ve used Facebook ads, and they used to give us decent return before they got too expensive, literally doubling several times over the period we looked at them.
    it isn't even corporate sized advertising that’s an issue. As others have said, these insights are tenuous at best for tailored ads that are ubiquitous online, including this site.
    No. The obscene part is for political ads, social issue ads, foreign influence ads, ads mimicking native content, ads propagating lies, conspiracies and chaos through undermining facts and information that the internet could have been a solid reference for.
    The dispersal of blatantly false and chaotic uncertainty is a huge problem of this era, and these tools are most powerful and most disgusting when used fit these ends.
  • Apple teases update to Apple Music, saying that 'music is about to change forever'

    They’ve decided to let Apple Music play FLAC filez!
    Soooo annoying that flac plays natively in the finder preview, but not in app.
  • Apple refreshes MacBook Pro with six-core processors, 32GB of RAM

    Those monster windows “laptops” with 17” plus screens, an inch thick, plastered with ports and extra keys. Mostly marketed for “Gaming” capabilities, I think are truly ridiculous.  I’ve only seen posers with them, always plugged in, doing simple web and office duties.
    The power users (generating live graphics, mixing audio etc) bring iMacs (now pros) to my one day event gigs. 
  • Compared: M1 Max 16-inch MacBook Pro versus Mac Pro

    I imagine the M series mac pro is going to be the last to arrive, and not for at least another year - more likely 2.  But, what is going to make me open my wallet is the next series of large iMac.  Hopefully not just in an inflated price "iMac Pro", but even the current "pro" chip offerings with a 30" high standard monitor.  I need a powerful stay in place system connected to bulk storage with backups, connected to server and RAID 24/7.  My laptop needs are much less demanding, and I wouldn't want to risk taking the core of my media business out with me.   Maybe the iMac Pro will be a bridge to the next generation of chip, and I'm sure it would satisfy the needs of a huge proportion of creative high end media producers and developers.   I'll have to scrape I'm sure, but my (loaded) iMac late 2015 just barely qualified for Monterey. Surprisingly, it made an immediate noticeable improvement in performance - probably cleaning up some accumulated background issues I'd picked up. 

  • Nearly every Mac rumored to see an update in 2022

    Although I understand that pro & max versions of M1 will maintain an edge over “vanilla” M2, if I were Mac marketing I would want to avoid the confusion and try to not introduce new M1 pro/max models AFTER the introduction of first M2.
     I'm also hoping that the larger iMac is not limited to a pricy “pro” version.  I don’t mind the nomenclature, but I want this form factor with a solid edge over M1 24” and under $3k. I suspect there are many with me.
    Although the development time from M1 intro to the pro/max was significant, I expect this release time for the expanded versions of M base will be closer in the future, and keep generational developments and model lineups cleaner moving forward.
  • Apple ditches physical SIM cards from all US iPhone 14 models

    Getting rid of the SIM tray is a stupid move. In a world of open standards, where SIM cards are still used everywhere in the world, why move to esims only? The old model where you had both esim and physical SIM tray was the best option and gave customers choice. Apple's reasoning around multiple esims and security is nonsense. They could have multiple esims and a physical SIM tray if they wanted. If people wanted security then use an esim, if they wanted convenience then use their physical SIM card.
    I wonder if this move is related to Apple bowing to pressure from US carriers who don't want people to avoid roaming costs by using a local country SIM card when they travel? If so, it opens up another antitrust issue that Apple could do without.
    Are you still hurting from when the headphone plug was removed from iPhones? Or maybe the home button fingerprint detector? I'm sure you resent having to buy a $15 USB-C dock in order to add SDHC card slots, USB-3 ports, HDMI output.   Hey, YOU can still get the iPhone 13 lineup. Or a SE, lol. But I'll happily send you to GTFO with a nice Samsung where you should be safe for at least a year. 
  • New AirPods Pro fits neatly into the existing AirPods pricing tier

    jas99 said:
    I want the new AirPods Pro for their better noise cancellation.
    My existing set works just fine, but protecting your hearing is important.
    So true. That was impressive, and as a city dweller, would be much appreciated. 

    But... It made me wonder if the transparency mode could be made intelligent enough to be clear concert earplugs?  Seriously. Once you've got the app verified fit already implemented, you've got a good seal. Then I'd almost assume that the transparency mode can also be decibel limited. Plus, I'm thinking, maintain the correct balance of bass and treble along with dynamics.  Great for musicians in bands too.  Here's another forward thought: how about a Stage musician customized mix. Even just EQ could help your feed work better for singing, playing, following a groove. It would need to be a custom app to bluetooth a mixer board custom feed to you though...

  • Apple Watch Pro shown off in new renders one day before release

    I am so freakin stoked about the actual adventure watch!  And hot damn, I predicted the scuba app!!!  It looks a ton better than the renders. The size, including thickness, the flat crystal has a protective ridge and that hump works so much better than the render, even though they got its existence right.
  • Apple Watch Pro shown off in new renders one day before release

    eightzero said:
    I'm not enthused. While I like my AW4, I am frustrated with much of it. I can't delete built-in apps i don't/ won't use; and the "safety" features don't work. The high noise function simply stopped working for months, and now mysteriously back. I had several false alarms on the the fall detection when I first got it; and I had a rather serious one a few weeks ago and...nothing. I hit the deck hard, and I was prepared to intercept the emergency all, but it never went off. Turns out I was OK...but...

    Gone are the days when Apple's stuff "just works." Disappointing.
    Like since 2018? lol.  The devices work better every year.   You could always go back to the just worked gear.  I'd bet over 90% of your issues are user error anyway.