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  • Apple repair policy critic vows to fight 'counterfeit' battery seizure by U.S. customs

    My family has been caught out twice by fake repairs. Both involved batts that failed by expansion in less than 12 months. The second illustrates why, in my opinion, after market repairs are bad for everyone.

    My daughter purchased a supposed brand new iPhone 6s off a work acquaintance who stated she had only opened the box to check it before selling it as she had ended up with two due a gift from parents. The phone failed in 8 months due many counterfeit parts and was unrepairable. 

    Ay phone purchased secondhand has a major risk of having a substandard repair because people do cheep repairs then ditch them straight away. This risk Destroys the second hand market for all. Apple acts for the health of the ecosystem and I agree with them. This fake repairer costs the majority more than he saves and his “ off-the-back-of-a-truck parts should be Seized! 
  • CBC Video claims Apple's repair policies are abusive, but 'proof' falls far short

    So here is the rub: the guy with the bent pin didn’t spend the $150 for a new cable. He just walks out of the shop and sells the machine at top dollar to you on EBay before ever turning it on to use himself. It fails on you three weeks later. You take it to the proper place and spend megabux to fix it. You will never buy a second hand Mac again. 

    All this for .05% of buyers who don’t have apple care. Further more, if you are still insisting on a cheep repair to keep a five year old iPhone going you didn’t need an iPhone in the first place. Just buy a cheep low end Android every year and keep up with the tech that way for less cost. The same applies for computers. Apples way keeps the second hand market relatively clean of fake repairs for those who buy second hand to keep the cost down