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  • HomePod is sold out, but isn't dead yet - Apple's 'end of life' explained

    It’s common sense in the Apple world that all their products have an 8 year support life to them. Then they become “legacy” products. I can’t recall if that was the term they use, but there is a very specific term that use for products past the 8 year mark. They don’t use the word “obsolete” or any of that crap. 

    Of course, Apple makes exceptions all the time and they will sprinkle updates and patches for products way past the 8 year mark when they feel it’s necessary. 

    But as far has mainstream, standard support, 8 years is the number. 

    It wouldn’t be hard to develop a constantly supported AirPlay repeater hub that would connect to the HomePod constantly, and repeat the signal through the most recent AirPlay protocol, Bluetooth, and/or wire connection.

    It’s the same principle as making a non-smart TV by connecting an Apple TV to it and air playing content to it. Just like how YouTube doesn’t support the old Apple TV’s anymore, it still acts a bride to AirPlay YouTube videos to. 

    It blows my mind how they discontinued the HomePod. Yes it was 300 dollars, but it was a great sounding speaker. My AirPod Pros are nearly the same price, but don’t come anywhere near the HomePod. It’s odd how the AirPod Pros are selling like hotcakes, but god forbid you spend 50 dollars more for a speaker than rocks the room??
    My magic iPad keyboard was 50 dollars more than the HomePod too, and those are selling just fine. 
    I’m just confused here how the HomePod can be a failure while it’s more expensive, less competent family members are doing just fine. 

    Not to mention, the HomePod Mini cannot fill the missing hole that the HomePod has left. the whole purpose of HomePod was to be able to drop the thing wherever you wanted to, and it would sound great.
    the HomePod mini does not do that. It’s just a speaker made by Apple. What entices someone to buy it over any other speaker out there? 
    I like the HomeKit integration and all, but the spacial recognition of the HomePod was the key selling point. 

    The only solution for the HomePod mini is that it must require the U1 chip, so it can sense how far it is from another HomePod mini, adjusting the sound accordingly. 
     But you would need to buy like 8 of the Minis to replicate what the 1 HomePod could do. That’s 8 wires and 8 outlet sockets taken up. Stupid.

    I’d rather buy 2 homepods for 600 dollars to get a nice system going. 
  • Samsung removes ads mocking Apple after removing headphone jack

    Maybe Apple should make a commercial about people mocking other companies and then end up doing the thing themselves that the mocked the other company for.

    But......I know Apple is bigger person and they would never do that. They move forward and never look back because they know they have nothing to worry about. 
  • Arlo Video Doorbell launches with large field of view, but no HomeKit

    This whole HomeKit thing is getting on my nerves.
    We keep getting promises about HomeKit support from almost every brand, then they launch without HomeKit support.

    It all reminds me of the South Park episodes that make fun of Game of Thrones. The parts where they show George RR Martin telling everyone “Don’t worry, the dragons ARE coming!” and he keeps writing episodes without dragons in them, instead chooses to put a bunch of “wieners” in the episodes. 
  • Facebook Pay launched to challenge Apple Pay for mobile payment supremacy

    Facebook payments have been around for years. All they did was rebrand it. 

    The current users will stay and no one will join.