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  • Epic Games CEO slams Apple 'government spyware'

    Sweeney is only out to hurt Apple, whatever side he needs to take. So stop commenting on whether he’s right or not here. You are only feeding the troll.

    Instead, take the discussion of whether Apple’s filtering function is a good thing or bad censuring to one of all the other discussion threads here at AI.

    And Mr Sweeney, you should just stay out of any CSAM discussions wherever they are taking place. Because just this weekend you invited every single Fortnite player to your biggest event of the year — a face fuck fest with minors, teenagers, and adults. Oral sex is still child abuse even if taking place in the party life of Fortnite. Your own star artist, Ariana Grande, even turned her ass on you after this was taking place between millions of kids all over the party:

    So, Mr Swiney man … STFU!
  • Apple's iOS 15 to reportedly use facial recognition to validate ID cards

    apple_evo said:
    This is a very slippery slope. 
    Imagine the day when you chose to put your drivers license on your phone, and you get pulled over. You'll need to unlock your phone and swipe over to your wallet-app and bring up the ID to show the officer. What's that officer going to do next? Go back to his squad car and scroll through your entire unlocked phone looking for anything and at everything. You'll say that's an invasion of privacy and they will say "hey you unlocked it and gave it to me!!" 

    If anyone at Apple cares about the right to privacy (at least in the United States), there should be a way to open the wallet, load the ID of choice and display it until a password is entered or the phone runs out of battery.
    The Wallet already has exactly this feature. You don't need to unlock the phone to show a Wallet card from the home screen, and it stays locked.
  • Muse S review: a meditation coach you can wear

    I don’t mind the price for the device itself. But I really dislike that they try to reel you in on a subscription on top of that. And I utterly detest companies with such obvious lock-in strategies — it is so backward thinking.

    If it was an open platform that followed expected standards, and with all voice-guided meditations included, I would’ve bought one (or two) today.
  • Apple pays millions to end customer's explicit images leak lawsuit

    Somebody should publish the pictures of those two sleazebags on Facebook.
  • NSO Group CEO says law-abiding citizens have 'nothing to be afraid of'

    There is something in this logic that doesn’t add up:

    "We are selling our products to governments. We have no way to monitor what those governments do,"

    average smartphone has nothing to worry about”

    there's nothing to be afraid of. They can absolutely trust on the security and privacy”

    Reports that NSO Group's Pegasus spyware was being misused”

    was used to covertly surveil activists and journalists critical of governments”

    surveil opposition politicians, activists, and reporters”

    But either way, in the end “it’s their fault” and “
    NSO Group shouldn't be responsible”. So in essence, none of this actually needs to make sense or be logical.
  • iOS 14.8, iPadOS 14.8 tighten security, close off 'Blastdoor' attacks

    lkrupp said:
    elijahg said:
    Come on Apple. If there is a hole in an app that's bad enough, but having an exploitable hole in an app that allows a further exploit in that app's sandbox, enabling an attacker to escape the sandbox points to some very shoddy code practises. Someone needs to take a good hard look at their unit tests and make them much more robust. Sanitising input is a solved problem, to have repeated issues as a result of specially crafted data is really quite atrocious.
    Nothing burger from the peanut gallery. You can’t spell and apparently can’t turn on a spell checker but you claim to be some software coding expert? 
    Actually, developers often switch off all text fiddling features.
  • First teaser for 'The Problem with Jon Stewart' roasts Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson

    Japhey said:
    Was this supposed to be funny? I tried to smile once, just to justify wasting 3 minutes of my day, but it just felt forced. 
    He said “dick”. Didn’t that make you laugh?
  • Apple's 'loss' is the best result for users, developers, Apple, and Epic

    red oak said:
    It is a naive to think allowing shady developers to link out to alternative payment systems is a "win for consumers", as you put it 

    It is going to be a s**** show 
    There’s an asterisk too many in s***