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  • iOS 14.8, iPadOS 14.8 tighten security, close off 'Blastdoor' attacks

    lkrupp said:
    elijahg said:
    Come on Apple. If there is a hole in an app that's bad enough, but having an exploitable hole in an app that allows a further exploit in that app's sandbox, enabling an attacker to escape the sandbox points to some very shoddy code practises. Someone needs to take a good hard look at their unit tests and make them much more robust. Sanitising input is a solved problem, to have repeated issues as a result of specially crafted data is really quite atrocious.
    Nothing burger from the peanut gallery. You can’t spell and apparently can’t turn on a spell checker but you claim to be some software coding expert? 
    Actually, developers often switch off all text fiddling features.
  • Apple's 'loss' is the best result for users, developers, Apple, and Epic

    red oak said:
    It is a naive to think allowing shady developers to link out to alternative payment systems is a "win for consumers", as you put it 

    It is going to be a s**** show 
    There’s an asterisk too many in s***
  • Apple says Epic can return to App Store only if it follows the rules

    Epic can return to the App Store if they play by the same rules as everyone else ... except Apple. While Apple has apps on the App Store, pays no commission and does not have the same app review process to go through, it can never be fair to developers. While Apple protects itself and its own interests over those of their customers and developers, it can never be fair to anyone. Let's hope these are only the first changes to come to the App Store. Third party App Stores should be a thing as should all the other amazing apps that no one has seen because Apple won't allow them to exist.
    Sweeney, is it you skulking around in here in the forum pages?
    You really shouldn’t post things when you’ve been smoking on. Didnt your mama teach you that?
  • Apple hires ex-Mercedes engineers for 'Apple Car' Special Projects Group

    So the Apple Car is going to be overpriced like everything else they produce. 
    What does “overpriced” even mean when sales are good?
  • Podcasters complain of Apple Podcasts platform pain points

    I’m negatively surprised to hear this. I’m not a podcaster (publisher) myself but I was expecting Apple’s Podcasts service to be best-in-class.

    The company has been pointing out how very important this business is for years now. Also, I thought user experience was Apple’s super power.

     The fact that podcasters must gather in an independent forum to raise their voices in this issue must be nothing less than embarrassing to Apple.