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  • Time Machine backups causing issues for some Apple Silicon Mac users

    elijahg said:
    Why aren't they retiring this antique approach to back-ups? I mean, they now have a filesystem that supports snapshots, but Time Machine still uses the legacy pre-APFS approach and has been proven to be incredibly inefficient compared to third-party solutions.
    I know Apple is focusing on services so they actually rather want us to back-up on their cloud VS locally, so why aren't they just EOL'ing this thing altogether, and instead support third-party developers in providing a back-up solution?

    And who in their right mind is still "travelling back in time" by traversing through Finder or app time instances (the latter only working with a few 1st-part apps) in 2021? I mean, the Steve Jobs-era visualisation of using Z-depth for time is novel, but hardly practical.

    Time Machine can use APFS disks for backup as of Big Sur.
    @CheeseFreeze isn't talking about APFS backup destinations, but using a filesystem feature of APFS rather than the ancient HFS+ hard links (and their equivalent in APFS) that Time Machine uses now. New Time Machine backups stored on networked disks do now use APFS disk images rather than HFS+.

    athempel said:
    Why aren't they retiring this antique approach to back-ups? I mean, they now have a filesystem that supports snapshots
    How would an APFS snapshot on the same physical disk save your data from the failure of said disk?
    It wouldn't. However, snapshots don't technically have to be stored on the source drive. Whether APFS supports this right now, I'm not sure.

    @CheeseFreeze is completely right with his comment. TM is archaic and inefficient. A snapshot stores only the block-level difference between files, whereas Time Machine copies the entire file across again even if there's one single bit changed. For a 1kb file that doesn't matter, but nowadays with file sizes ballooning, 1GB+ files are pretty common. Change the title of that file and the entire thing gets copied across again, without the other file being deleted on the backup. So wasting 2x space for one identical file.

    Also TM is sluggish on networked disks and the UI is pretty awful. I'd much rather pick a file, see a list of previous versions of that file with previews, and maybe a diff, all integrated properly into the Finder. Not the outdated full-screen TM UI that we have now.
    So Time Machine in Big Sur and later does use snapshots with APFS.  It is not using hard links(nor their equivalent) like HFS+ as APFS doesn't even support hard links.  CheeseFreeze is mistaken that Time Machine is archaic and inefficient.  It was updated in Big Sur to be more modern using block based snapshots.
  • Twitter lays off staff including whole ethics team, temporarily closes offices

    @Madbum censorship is the way all of authoritarians.  'Disinformation' is just the latest rhetorical trick to make it look like the censors are the 'good guys'. Glad to see you and others are not fooled.  Free speech is a central American value, always has been, always will be.  
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  • Twitter lays off staff including whole ethics team, temporarily closes offices

    A great move by Elon.  Fire the woke.  They've ruined the Internet.
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  • Apple praised and slammed for representation of women at March event

    red oak said:
    The best, most impactful employees are the ones who should get to present.   Period.  

    When one group is significantly over-represented, it's transparent and looks forced.  And, it de-values those presenters  as just on stage to achieve a "quota".    What happens to the morale of the over-achieving, highly qualified white males at Apple who were passed over just so a woman could be on stage?    That undermines the whole meritocracy of the company culture.  It is a cancer

    Exactly.  Progressives will and are ripping apart the social fabric of companies in the name of equity.
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  • Apple explains security & privacy risks of side-loading in detailed new paper

    'Side loading' also known, prior to 2007, as installing an application on your computer.  The key phrase here being 'your computer'.  Who does Apple think they are to deny people the right to install any application they want on THEIR iPhone?  Apple's entire case falls apart when you realize the Macintosh can still 'side load' applications to this day.  Right-click, open.  Annoyed by that?  Disable Gatekeeper completely with a command in the Terminal.  Why does this 'side loading' persist on the Macintosh? Simple, their customers would not tolerate such computer tyranny. Remember, Gatekeeper was added in to the Macintosh in Snow Leopard. iPhone customers should start to speak up about Apple's heavy handedness on their iPhones.  The iPhone's walled garden should be optional just like it is on the Macintosh.  Heck, most times I'd choose to stay in the walled garden for security, but when Apple gets heavy handed, like they are today with their outrageous censorship on the App Store and Podcasts, we need an opt out.

    Bottom-line, this is about maintaining 30% profit on apps and control of people's devices.  It is as simple as that.
  • Apple plans to dial back mask mandate in U.S. stores

    Sanity restored, finally.
  • Apple's internal report says that it doesn't stifle employee speech

    Apple employees don't talk on social media because they're worried about being fired.  This so called report reminds me of the government investigating itself and finding no wrong doing.  If you want freedom of speech you definitely cannot work for Apple.
  • Apple drops new Safari bookmark end-to-end encryption

    Before we overreact, encrypted in transit and on the server seems sufficient to me.  Why would they need to be encrypted on your own device when your device is already encrypted via FileVault 2 on the Mac (if you enabled it) and standard on iOS/iPadOS.  Am I missing something here?
  • 'Overworked and unhappy' Apple Southampton store staff want to unionize

    I worked at Apple Retail years ago.  It is tough, no doubt about it.  My solution was to find another job.  That's what I'd recommend for those trying to unionize.  Former Apple employees are in demand.
  • Intel CEO hopes to win back Apple with a 'better chip'

    The Intel CEO has the right attitude at least.  Competition means the consumer wins so more power to him.